It’s Rondo Award Season!

Delayed by the Year of the Pandemic, here finally is this year’s ballot for the best work in classic horror during 2020.

Since 2002, the Rondos have been fandom’s only classic horror awards – decided by fans, for fans. Every nominee below is being recognized for significant achievements in 2020. By voting, you add your voice and make a difference.

As noted, 2020 was no ordinary year. Movies were delayed or sent streaming, conventions were canceled, and magazines struggled. But with some adjustments, we still have an amazing ballot to offer.

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FOR THE (Gasp!) 

— This year’s awards are dedicated to Ted Newsom, Joe Kane and Robert Michael ‘Bobb’ Carter —

1) BEST FILM OF 2020
Due to the pandemic, includes wide release, video-on-demand and streaming

— BLACK BOX, directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. (Amazon Prime)
— COLOR OUT OF SPACE, directed by Richard Stanley (wide)
— COME PLAY, directed by Jacob Chase (wide)
— THE CRAFT: LEGACY, directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (VoD)
— FREAKY, directed by Christopher Landon (wide)

— GRETEL & HANSEL, directed by Osgood Perkins (wide)
— HIS HOUSE, directed by Remi Weekes (Netflix)
— THE INVISIBLE MAN, directed by Leigh Whannell (wide)
— THE LODGE, directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (wide)
— LOVE AND MONSTERS, directed by Michael Matthews (VoD)

— MIDNIGHT SKY, directed by George Clooney (Netflix)
— POSSESSOR, directed by Brandon Cronenberg (wide)
— RELIC, directed by Natalie Erika James (wide)
— THE RENTAL, directed by Dave Franco (wide; VoD)
— SHE DIES TOMORROW, directed by Amy Seimetz (VoD)
— SYNCHRONIC, directed by Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead (wide)

— TENET, directed by Christopher Nolan (wide)
— UNDERWATER, directed by William Eubank (wide)
— VAST OF NIGHT, directed by Matthew Patterson (wide; Amazon)
— WONDER WOMAN 84, directed by Patty Jenkins (wide; HBOMax)
— THE WRETCHED, directed by Brett and Drew T. Pierce (wide)
— Or write in another choice:


— BRAVE NEW WORLD, ‘Everybody Happy Now,’ 7.15.20, NBC Peacock. Rebellion grows against a genetic caste system. ‘If this place is so perfect, why is it upside down?’
— CREEPSHOW, ‘Survival Type,’ 10.30.20, Shudder. Animated adaptation of Stephen King story. ‘How badly does the patient want to survive?’
— DOCTOR WHO, ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati,’ 2.16.20, BBC America. The Thirteenth Doctor encounters Mary Shelley at Lake Geneva. ‘’Nobody mention Frankenstein. Nobody interfere.’
— DRACULA, ‘The Rules of the Beast,’ 1.4.20, BBC/Netflix. At a convent, Sister Van Helsing confronts the Lord of the Undead. ‘Why does death always come as such a shock to mortals?’
— HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR, ‘The Great Good Place,’ 10.9.20, Netflix.  Adaptation of Henry James’ Turning of the Screw. ‘You young people have no idea what you are letting yourselves in for.’

— INTO THE DARK, ‘Good Boy,’ 6.12.20, Hulu. Woman finds her support dog offers no support at all. ‘He can tell when I get anxious.’
— LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, ‘Sundown,’ 8.16.20. HBO. Racism of 1950s South collides with creatures from another reality. ‘I’ve heard worse. I’ve been part of worse.’
— THE MANDALORIAN, ‘The Rescue,’ 12.18.20, Disney+. Baby Yoda finds a master. ‘I’ll see you again. I promise.’
— SUPERNATURAL, ‘Carry On,’ 11.19.20, The CW. After 15-years, the monster hunt comes to an end. ‘You knew it was going to end like this for me.’
— THE TRUTH SEEKERS, ‘Shadow of the Moon,’ 10.30.20, Amazon. Racing an eclipse, the team finds one member is not what they seem. ‘Never send a human to do a super-being’s job.’

— THE TWILIGHT ZONE, ‘The Who of You,’ 6.25.20, CBS All Access. A would-be bank robber eludes a cop by jumping from body to body. ‘Charge him with criminal hypnosis.’
— THE WALKING DEAD, ‘Walk With Us,’ 3.15.20, AMC. Negan and Alpha have a reckoning. ‘It took you long enough.’
— WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, ‘Nouveau Theatre Des Vampires,’ 6.10.20, FX. A gala is really a trap for the Staten Island vampires. ‘He was getting more and more sad. I could smell it on him.’
— Or write-in another choice:


— BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960; Shout!)
— CAT AND THE CANARY (1939)/GHOST BREAKERS (1940, separate Bob Hope films, Kino)
— CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957; Warners Archive)

— THE FACE IN THE WINDOW (1939 Tod Slaughter; Kino)
— KISS OF THE VAMPIRE (1963; Shout!)

— LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (1971; Barcelou)
— WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953; Criterion)
— Or write in another choice:


— AL ADAMSON: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION (Severin). 32 remastered films.
— COMPLETE LENZI BAKER GIALLO COLLECTION (Severin): Orgasmo, So Sweet…So Perverse, Quiet Place to Kill, Knife of Ice.
— BELA LUGOSI: Murders in the Rue Morgue, Black Cat, Raven (Eureka)
— DEMONS/DEMONS 2 (1985/1986; Arrow)
— FANTASTIC JOURNEYS BY KAREL ZEMAN (Criterion) Journey to Beginning of Time; Invention of Destruction; Fabulous Baron Munchausen)

— FEAR NO EVIL/RITUAL OF EVIL (1969/1970; Kino)
— FRIDAY THE 13TH DELUXE COLLECTION (Shout!) 12 movies and extras on 16 discs.
— THE FU MANCHU CYCLE (1965-1969; Powerhouse). All five Christopher Lee films.
— HAMMER FILMS (Mill Creek): 20 films in many genres, ranging from Revenge of Frankenstein to Scream of Fear and Creatures the World Forgot.

— HE CAME FROM THE SWAMP: The William Grefe Collection (Arrow) Seven films.
— INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES (Mill Creek): All six Lon Chaney Jr. films.
— THE OUTER LIMITS (Via Vision/Australia): Both seasons, including new features.
— THE PUPPETOON MOVIE, Vol. 2 (Arnold Leibovit Entertainment). 18 stop-motion shorts from George Pal.
— UNIVERSAL HORRORS COLLECTIONS Vol. 4, 5 & 6 (Shout!): House of Horrors, Night Key, Night Monster, Climax; three Jungle Womans, Monster & the Girl; Thing That Couldn’t Die, Shadow of Cat, Cult of Cobra.
— Or write in another choice:


— AFRICA SCREAMS (1949; 3D Film Archive) 4K scan from 35mm elements.
— THE APE (1940; Kino) Rescued from public domain neglect.
— THE BEAST MUST DIE (1974; Severin) Includes ‘Werewolf Break’ scene.
— BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960; Shout!) Refreshed throughout; two aspect ratios (1:85, 1:66)
— THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957; Shout!) Color and details shine; eyeball closeup restored; three aspect ratios.

— DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS (1971; Blue Underground) From a lost 35 mm print.
— DAWN OF THE DEAD SPECIAL EDITION (1978; Second Sight) Three versions on four discs.
— ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK (1988; Arrow). From a 4K scan of original film elements.
— FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY (1973; Shout!) Original elements of full 3-hour, 6-minute version.

— FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 2 (Shout!) Censored gore scenes restored.
— HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND (1960; Severin) Uncensored version, and U.S. release.
— LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (1972; Pamula Pierce Barcelou) Eastman restoration rescues film from sub-par prints.
— LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE (1974; Synapse) From 35 mm negative.
— LIZARD’S LEG AND OWLET’S WING (1962; Retromedia) Karloff, Chaney, Lorre in Route 66 episode.

— MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (1964; Shout!) Original and extended cut.
— MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933; WB Archives) Early Technicolor corrected, imperfections cleaned throughout.
— NOSFERATU (1922; Witch’s Dungeon) New musical score and commentary by Argyle Goolsby.
— PANIC BEATS (1982; Mondo Macabro) Complete uncut version directed by Paul Naschy.
— PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1964; Shout!) Restored TV version subplot.

— TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD: Director’s Cut (2007; Hydraulic) Restored footage; commentary by director Larry Blamire.
— WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953; Criterion). Saucer wires gone; extensive visual and audio improvements throughout.
— Or write in another choice:

6) FAVORITE COMMENTATOR (A record number of commentaries in 2020, so the category is a bit loaded; here are examples of their work; please pick two nominees or write in others)

— David DelValle (Horrors of Spider Island)
— Samm Deighan (A Quiet Place to Kill, The Raven)
— Kat Ellinger (Daughters of Darkness; Amazon Women on Moon; So Sweet…So Perverse)
— Scott Gallinghouse: (House of Horrors, Jungle Captive)
— Lee Gambin (Ghost Breakers; Cat and Canary)

— Gary Gerani (Dark Intruder, Fear No Evil/Ritual of Evil)
— Troy Guinn, Rod Barnett (Naschy’s Panic Beats)
— Steve Haberman (Curse, Revenge of Frankenstein)
— Bruce G. Hallenbeck (Capt. Kronos, Vampire Hunter)
— Troy Howarth (Fury of the Wolfman, Orgasmo)

— Sam Irvin (Frankenstein: The True Story)
— C Courtney Joyner (How to Make a Monster; War of the Colossal Beast, w/ Don Glut, Eric Hoffman)
— David Kalat (Battle in Outer Space, H-Man, Mothra)
— Tim Lucas (Play Misty for Me; Danger Diabolik, Lost Highway)
— Kevin Lyons (Brides, Vengeance of Fu Manchu)
— Gregory Mank (Jungle Woman)

— Scott MacQueen (Mystery of the Wax Museum)
— Jean-Claude Michel (as translated by Bret Wood, Face at the Window)
— Constantine Nasr (Curse, Evil of Frankenstein; Brides of Dracula)
— Kim Newman, Barry Forshaw (Masque of the Red Death, When Worlds Collide)
— Amanda Reyes, Bill Ackerman (Fade to Black, Pray for the Wildcats)
— Gary Rhodes (Night Monster)

— Jonathan Rigby (Brides, Vengeance of Fu Manchu)
— Alan K. Rode (Mystery of Wax Museum)
— Yvonne Romain, Leslie Bricusse, Mike Hill (Curse of Werewolf)
— Steve Ryfle, Ed Godziszewski (H-Man, Battle in Outer Space)
— Richard Harland Smith (Day the Earth Caught Fire, The Ape)
— Tom Weaver (How to Make a Monster, The Ape, Monster & the Girl)
— Or write in another choice:


— AFRICA SCREAMS (1949; 3D Film Archive) Vintage Abbott and Costello film, radio features.
— AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (1987; Kino) ‘The True Story of Amazon Women on the Moon’ featurette with Landis, Dante.
— THE BEAST MUST DIE (Severin; 1974) ‘And Then There Were Werewolves’ feature by Troy Howarth.
— BELA LUGOSI: Murders in Rue Morgue, Black Cat, Raven (Eureka): Videos by Kim Newman, Kat Ellinger, Lee Gambin.
— CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957; WB Archives): Four new features, including Dick Klemensen’s ‘The Resurrection Men: Hammer, Frankenstein and the Rebirth of the Horror Film’
— DAWN OF THE DEAD SPECIAL EDITON (1978; Second Sight). Four feature length documentaries; new interviews.

— FADE TO BLACK (1980; Vinegar Syndrome): Numerous extras, including commentary by actor Dennis Christopher.
— FRANKENSTEIN THE TRUE STORY (1973; Shout!): New Jane Seymour, Leonard Whiting, Don Bachardy interviews.
— FRIDAY THE 13th COLLECTION: ‘Back to Camp,’ revisiting the campsites by Michael Gingold, Glen Baisley.
— FU MANCHU CYCLE (Powerhouse): ‘Tall, Lean and Feline,’ Christopher Lee feature by Jonathan Rigby.

— THE HILLS RUN RED (2009; Shout!) More than a dozen interviews and new features,
— HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER: Q&A with co-stars Gary Clark and Gary Conway at Monster Bash; Herman Cohen bio.
— MAD MAX (1979; Kino): Director George Miller interviewed by Heather Buckley.
— MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1932; Eureka): Hidden re-edit of the Universal film based on work by Tim Lucas, Gary Prange.

— MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM: Interview with Fay Wray’s daughter; Alan Rode commentary on director Michael Curtiz.
— NIGHT TIDE (1963; Indicator). Eight experimental short films by director Curtis Harrington.
— THE OUTER LIMITS (Via Vision/Australia). TV promos, new commentaries by David J. Schow, Tim Lucas, Craig Beam.
— SILENT MADNESS (Vinegar Syndrome): ‘Method to the Madness’ documentary.
— TALES OF THE UNCANNY (2020; Severin): Eerie Tales (German; 1919), and Unusual Tales (French; 1949)
— WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST (1958, Shout!): ‘Size Matters: Bert I Gordon at AIP,’ directed by Daniel Griffith.
— WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953; Criterion): ‘Movie Archaeologists,’ Craig Barron hosts unseen production stills and clips.
— Or write in another choice:

Includes festivals and streaming channels.

— AMULET, directed by Romola Garai. A homeless soldier is taken in by a mysterious duo. See trailer here.
— BAD HAIR, directed by Justin Simien. A new weave has a mind of its own. See trailer here.
— THE BEACH HOUSE, directed by Jeffrey A. Brown. Ocean holds a deep secret. See trailer here
— BLOOD QUANTUM, directed by Jeff Barnaby. Canadian tribes are somehow immune to zombie invasion. See trailer here.
— THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, directed by Derek Carl. A parody remake of the 1962 classic. In color! See trailer here

— THE DARK AND THE WICKED, directed by Bryan Bertino. Dying man’s visions shake a small town. See trailer here.
— DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45, directed by Nicole Groton. Families struggle to survive a grim quarantine. See trailer here.
— EVIL EYE, directed by Elan & Rajeev Dassani. A mother suspects daughter’s boyfriend is a killer reincarnated. See trailer here.
— HOST, directed by Rob Savage. A séance on zoom has an unexpected visitor. See trailer here.

— M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS, directed by Tucia Lyman. A battle against feared school shootings. See trailer here.
— THE MORTUARY COLLECTION, directed by Ryan Spindell. Anthology film based at a funeral home. See trailer here.
— NECROPOLIS LEGION, directed by Chris Alexander. Writer inadvertently awakens the soul of a vampiress. See trailer here.
— NOCTURNE, directed by Zu Quirke. A pianist is not alone at the keyboard. See trailer here.

— PELICAN BLOOD, directed by Katrin Gebbe. A mother’s struggle with a frightful child.  See trailer here.
— THE RECKONING, directed by Neil Marshall. Fear grows as a widow is accused of being a witch by her landlord. See trailer here.
— SEA FEVER, directed by Neasa Hardiman. Monsters threaten a trawler West of Ireland. See trailer here.
— SEEDS, directed by Skip Shea. A pagan cult takes hold in New England. See trailer here

— SCARE ME, directed by Josh Ruben. Storytelling in the Catskills gets far too real. See trailer here.
— SPUTNIK, directed by Egor Abramenko. Russian cosmonaut returns with a strange visitor. See trailer here.
— TALES FROM PARTS UNKNOWN, directed by Cameron McCasland. Four horrors, hosted by Dr. Gangrene. See trailer here.
— 12 HOUR SHIFT, directed by Brea Grant. Search for a donor kidney turns deadly. See trailer here.
— THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW, directed by Jim Cummings. Utah shaken by killings during every full moon. See trailer here.
— Or write in another choice:


— CLEAN, directed by Frank H. Woodward (12 mins). Self-quarantine isn’t enough for a germaphobe. See film here.
— HANGNAIL, directed by Colin MacDonald (3 mins.)  A hanging piece of skin becomes a nightmare. See film here
— THE MANNEQUIN, directed by Kevin Mendiboure (4:40 mins). Terrorized by an armless figure. See film here.
— MANTIS, directed by Kourtnea Hogan (9 mins). A pick-up line delivers more than expected. See film here.

— ONCE UPON A TYPEWRITER, directed by Levi Morgan (13 mins). A screenwriter finds a typewriter with keys of its own. See film here.
— REBOOTED, directed by Michael Shanks (12:46 mins.) A stop-motion skeleton struggles in a CGI film world. See film here
— THE REMNANT, directed by Navin Ramaswaran (17 mins.) Con artists unleash a protective creature. See film here.
— REPTILE HOUSE, directed by Tristan Risk (5 mins). Owning a snake is no picnic. See trailer here.

— RITES OF VENGEANCE, directed by Izzy Lee (4:07 mins). Three nuns end a priest’s evil ways. See film here
— THE THOUSAND AND ONE LIVES OF DR. MABUSE, directed by Ansel Faraj (17:23 mins). Third installment of modern take on Mabuse. See film here.
— Or write in another choice:


— CURSED FILMS, five-part Shudder documentary on mishaps and deaths surrounding Exorcist, Omen, Poltergeist, Crow, Twilight Zone.   See trailer here.
— HELL IN THE HALLWAYSMaking of Massacre at Central High (1976, Synapse), directed by Michael Felsher. More info
— IN LOVE WITH TOYS, directed by Raymond Castile. Restored exploration of vintage monster toys and collectibles. See film here.
— LUGOSI: THE FORGOTTEN KING (Expanded). 1985 documentary revised with an hour of new materials and interviews. More info here.
— MEN WHO MADE HAMMER: 10-part series of profiles on Hammer creators by Dick Klemensen, Tony Dalton, produced by Constantine Nasr, spread over Shout Blu-Rays.
— MONSTERS! MARTIANS! HORROR IN THE ATOMIC AGE, directed by Laura McCullough. Three-part oral history with nearly 50 interviews. See trailer here

— PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: Unmasking the Masterpiece, Special Edition, directed by Cortlandt Hull. Expanded look at 1925 film and those that followed, with 100 new photos, new bonuses. See trailer here.
— RONDO AND BOB, directed by Joe O’Connell. How an art director’s obsession crossed paths with Rondo Hatton’s legacy. See trailer here.
— TALES FROM THE DARKSIDEThe Making of Four Ghoulish Fables, directed by Michael Felsher. See clip here.
— TALES OF THE UNCANNY, directed by David Gregory. Dozens of interviews in overview of anthology films. See trailer here.
— TOO MACABRE, revised making-of Elvira Mistress of the Dark, produced by Tony Timpone, creative supervisor Sven Webber. See trailer here.
— TOTAL EXCESS: How Carolco Changed Hollywood, directed by Daniel Griffith, narrated by Larry Blamire (Total Recall, 1979, Lionsgate) See trailer here.
— Or write in another choice:


— ALIEN INVASIONS: The History of Aliens in Pop Culture, by Michael Stein (IDW, hardcover, 176 pages, $34.99). Photos and commentaries on those hidden among us.
— THE ANIMATED PETER LORRE, by Matthew Hahn (BearManorMedia, softcover, 414 pages, $30). Tracing the actor’s appearances in cartoons from Bugs Bunny to The Simpsons.
— ASSAULT ON THE SYSTEM: The Nonconformist Cinema of John Carpenter, by Troy Howarth (Independent, softcover, 463 pages, $64.95). How director’s work confronts authority at every level.
— CAROL LYNLEY: Her Career in Thrillers, Fantasy and Suspense, by Tom Lisanti (BearManorMedia, softcover, 770 pages, $39). The actress braved menaces on TV and in movies.
— CHRONOLOGY OF CLASSIC HORROR FILMS: The 1930s, by Donald C. Willis (Midnight Marquee, softcover, 348 pages, $30). Horror’s cauldron, as it happened.

— THE CURSE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Basil Rathbone Story, by David Clayton (History Press, hardcover, 192 pages, $27.95) Actor’s struggle to go beyond the Great Detective’s image.
— DRACULA A.D. 1931: Bela, Browning and the Birth of the American Horror Film, by Matthew Coniam (Hemlock, softcover, 182 pages, $45). Tracing the origins of film horror.
— FLASH GORDON: The Official Story of the Film, by John Walsh (Titan, hardcover, 192 pages, $50). Inside look at the 1980 space opera, which was often improvised on set.
— FRIGHT FAVORITES: 31 Movies To Haunt Your Halloween and Beyond, by David J. Skal (Running Press, hardcover, 216 pages, $24). Selections from a master fright historian.
— HAUNTER’S TALE II, edited by J. Michael Roddy (Harker Press, softcover, 504 pages, $19.95). Stories, interviews and remembrances of haunts, ghosts and creators.

— HOLLYWOOD’S HARD-LUCK LADIES, by Laura Wagner (McFarland, softcover, 233 pages, $39.95). Chronicling 23 actresses who suffered early deaths, accidents and other setbacks.
— ITALIAN HORRORS, edited by Allan Bryce (Ghoulish, softcover, 200 pages, $38). Dark Side staff traces impact from 1950s to 1980s.
— IT CAME FROM … The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films, by Jim Nemeth and Bob Madison (Midnight Marquee, softcover, 340 pages, $30). The tales that gave birth to modern retellings.
— MAKING OF THE MOVIE JAWS (revised edition), by Edith Blake (BearManorMedia, softcover, 228 pages, $24). Expanded edition, new photos.
— MAX STEINER: The Epic Life of Hollywood’s Most Influential Composer, by Steven C. Smith (Oxford University, hardcover, 496 pages, $34.95). How the music for King Kong and other films changed storytelling on film.
— MONSTER MOVIES, by David J. Schow (Cimarron Street, softcover, 279 pages, $14.95). Watching horror movies can shatter the boundaries of late night TV.

— MUSINGS ON MONSTERS: Observations on the World of Classic Horror, edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone (Sequart, softcover, 310 pages, $19.99). Twenty essays explore the power of our favorite monster myths.
— NO SYMPATHY FOR THE VAMPIRE: The Film World of Bela Lugosi, by Peter H. Brothers (CreateSpace, softcover, 272 pages, $18) Going beyond Dracula, analyzing 70 Lugosi film roles.
— 1,000 WOMEN OF HORROR, 1895-2018, by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (BearManorMedia, softcover, 600 pages, $44). Spotlighting women on camera and behind the scenes, many too often overlooked. Includes extended interviews.
— POE PICTURES, by Bruce G. Hallenbeck (Tomahawk Press, hardcover, 256 pages, $35). Every Poe adaptation, from silent to today.
— RAY HARRYHAUSEN, Titan of Cinema, by Vanessa Harryhausen (National Galleries of Scotland, softcover, 208 pages, $37.50). Stories behind models and effects in a planned exhibition.

— ROGER CORMAN’S NEW WORLD PICTURES: An Oral History (1970-1983), Vols. 1 and 2, by Stephen B. Armstrong (BearManorMedia, softcovers, 232 pages/176 pages, $25 each). Covers more than 100 films including 37 interviews.
— SCIENCE OF WOMEN IN HORROR, by Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence (Skyhorse, softcover, 264 pages, $14.99). From stunts to special effects, the stories behind female monsters and heroes.
— SCORED TO DEATH 2: More Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers, by J. Blake Fichera (Silman-James Press, softcover, 492 pages, $24.95). Talking with Bear McCreary, Holly Amber Church, Richard Band, 13 others.
— SPOTLIGHT ON HORROR, edited by Eric McNaughton and Darrell Buxton (We Belong Dead, softcover, 408 pages, $56). The impact of 160 classic films.
— WOMEN MAKE HORROR, edited by Alison Peirse (Rutgers University, softcover, 270 pages, $29.95). Collected essays on horror’s female perspectives.
— Or write in another choice:


12) BEST HORROR ART BOOKS (new category)


— Bare*Bones
— Cinema Retro (UK)
— Classic Monsters of the Movies (UK)
— The Dark Side (UK)
— Delirium
— Fangoria
— Filmfax
— Freaky Monsters
— G-Fan
— HorrorHound

— Infinity (UK)
— Little Shoppe of Horrors
— Monster Bash
— Monster Maniacs
— Phantom of the Movies Videoscope
— Retro Fan
— Rue Morgue

— Scary Monsters
— Scream (UK)
— Screem
— Shock
— We Belong Dead (UK)
— Or write in another choice:

14) BEST ARTICLE (Please select two; one will win)

— ‘Assisting Brian DePalma: Working on Dressed to Kill,’ by Sam Irvin, BOOBS AND BLOOD #4. Personal memories, photos of working with the director on several films.
— ‘Black Horror; History on the Big Screen,’ by Ernie Rockelman, HORRORHOUND #84. Tracking black horror milestones.
— ‘The Brains of Hammer,’ by Mark C. Glassy, Ph.D, SCARY MONSTERS #116. When grey matter went beyond Frankenstein.
— ‘The Carl Laemmles: The Birth of Hollywood Horror,’ by Alex Hopkins, CLASSIC MONSTERS ANNUAL 2020. The father and son who popularized the horror film.
— ‘Carnival of Souls: Haunting Viewers for Six Decades,’ by Jason Strangis, SCARY MONSTERS #118.  Some films are unforgettable.
— ‘The Cat Creeps While the Canary Sleeps,’ by Gary D. Rhodes, WE BELONG DEAD #24. Early horrors examined.

— ‘Dee Dennings,’ daughter of Richard Dennings & Evelyn Ankers, by Tom Weaver, an interview with exclusive family photos, CLASSIC IMAGES #545
— ‘Dynamation Man of the Century,’ by Mark Mawston, SCARY MONSTERS #119. Celebrating Ray Harryhausen’s 100th Birthday.
— ‘The Fabulous Worlds of Karel Zeman,’ by Woodson Hughes, FILMFAX #157. The surreal animations of the Czech filmmaker.
— ‘Fears of a Clown,’ by Doug Young, THE DARK SIDE #212. The grinning madman of The Man Who Laughs.
— ‘Growing Up with Al Adamson’s Dracula vs. Frankenstein,’ by Howard S. Berger, DELIRIUM #23. Celebrating a too often reviled film.
 ‘Horror Comics, National Lampoon Style,’ by Tom Tesarek, MONSTER MANIACS #1. The magazine’s surprisingly horrific parodies.

— ‘Horror Fan for Life,’ by BJ Colangelo, FANGORIA #7. How horror movies help fan Kelly Barlow fight through illness.
— ‘The House of the Long Shadows,’ by Mark A. Miller and David J. Hogan, FILMFAX #156. Was Price-Cushing-Lee-Carradine film doomed to failure, or simply misunderstood.
— ‘The Hyman Horrors,’ by Dennis Meikle and Bruce G. Hallenbeck, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #44. Producer Kenneth Hyman’s Hounds of Baskervilles, Strangler of Bombay and Terror of Tongs.
— ‘The Invisible Man: A HorrorHound Retrospective,’ by Jon Kitley, HORRORHOUND #86. Tracks in the cinema snow.
— ‘Is Godzilla a She?’, by Lucas Diano, G-FAN #129. Different theories on how Godzilla identifies.
— ‘I Survived a Night in the House on Haunted Hill,’ by Rod Labbe, SCARY MONSTERS #117. The scare of a childhood.

— ‘Lewton vs. Breen,’ by Clive Dawson, THE DARK SIDE #210. The close but tense relationship between Val Lewton and Hollywood censor Joseph Breen.
— ‘Lost, Found, and Finally Unbound: The Strange History of the 1910 Edison Frankenstein,’ by Kelly Robinson, RUE MORGUE #194.
— ‘The Making of Revenge of Frankenstein,’ by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #45. The most sophisticated of the Hammer Frankensteins.
— ‘Monsters of Oz: Is the Wizard of Oz a Monster Movie?’ by Frank J. Dello Stritto, MONSTER BASH #40. Witches and monkeys and danger, oh my.
— ‘The Old Dark House,’ by Nige Burton, CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES #18. Inside James Whale’s gothic comedy.
— ‘Plague,’ by Rodrigo Gudino, RUE MORGUE #395. Pandemics and horror have a long history.

— ‘Red Planet Hollywood: The Martian Chronicles on Screen,’ by Matthew R. Bradley, BARE*BONES #1. The NBC miniseries and what followed.
— ‘Return of the Giant Monsters: Musings on the 21st Century’s Remarkable Kaiju Comeback,’ by Bill Bussone, G-FAN #127. Why giant monsters are bigger than ever.
— ‘Roddy McDowell’s IT,’ by Matthew Banks, SCARY MONSTERS #118. The strange ‘Golem’ movie from 1967.
— ‘Sick! Savage! Sensual! The Life and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson,’ by Michael Gingold, RUE MORGUE #193.
— ‘Ten Years of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies: An Oral History,’ by Meredith Borders, FANGORIA #7. Inside horror’s house of learning.
— ‘Transformation: How Godzilla Became Godzilla King of the Monsters,’ by J.D. Lees, G-FAN #127. The business deals behind the American version of Gojira.

— ‘Trilogy of Terror,’ by Jim Ivers, SCARY MONSTERS #117. Incubus, Equinox and Season of the Witch make an odd trio indeed.
— ‘When Clothes Made the Monster,’ by George Humenik, SCARY MONSTERS #119. Who were they wearing on the Universal sets? With a sidebar on Vera West.
— ‘When the Phantom Crashed My Life: A Universal Monsters Awakening,’ by Ansel H. Faraj, WE BELONG DEAD #24. Beginnings of a Monster Kid.
— ‘Wild Women with Steak Knives: The Weird World of Women’s Horror Filmmaking,’ by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, FANGORIA #8.
— Or write in another choice:
(You can vote for two in the above category)

15) Best Interview (award goes to interviewer)

— Bruce Campbell by Dr. Gangrene, SCARY PRESENTS MONSTER MEMORIES (#116)
— Nia Dacosta (Candyman director) by Andrea Subissati, RUE MORGUE #194
— Sybil Danning by Chris Alexander and Lee Gambin, DELIRIUM #22.
— Donnie Dunagan (Son of Frankenstein, Bambi), by Steven Turek, DieCast Movie Podcast, Ep. 12.
— Dave Franco (director of The Rental), by Seth Rogen, FANGORIA #8.

— Massimo Antonello Geleng, art director on Italian horrors, by Callum Waddell, THE DARK SIDE #213.
— Rose Glass, director of Saint Maud by Danny Boyle, FANGORIA #7.
— Gary Kent, stuntman, by Terry & Tiffany DuFoe, VIDEOSCOPE #113.
— Jonathan Miller and Lawrence Gordon Clark (directors of adaptations of M.R. James stories), by Tony Earnshaw, THE DARK SIDE #213
— Greg Nicotero (Creepshow TV), by Drew Tinnin, Dread Central

— Julie Ann Ream (niece of Glenn Strange), by Dan Johnson, RETROFAN #11.
— David J. Schow, author, by Frank H. Woodward, FILM SENSE podcast.
— David Selby (Dark Shadows), by Rod Labbe, RETROFAN #11.
— Richard Stanley, Color Out of Space director, by Jay Kay, HORRORHOUND #81.

— Barbara Steele, career interview by David Cairns and Daniel Riccuito, SIGHT & SOUND, Nov., 2020.
— Tony Todd by Jessica Dwyer, HORRORHOUND #84
— Joe Zito/Barney Cohen (Friday the 13th Part 4), by Preston Fassel. Dread Central online.
— Or write in another choice:

16) Best Column

— Corrupt Signals, by Preston Fassel, FANGORIA
— Exordium, by Michael Gingold, FANGORIA
— Files from the Black Museum, by Paul Corupe, RUE MORGUE
— Grey Matters, by Richard J. Schellbach, Mondo Cult Online
— It Came from Bowen’s Basement, John Bowen, RUE MORGUE
— Kaiju Korner, by Mike Bogue, SCARY MONSTERS

— Kim Newman’s Dungeon, THE DARK SIDE
— Ralph’s One & Only Traveling Reviews, by Richard Klemensen, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS
— R&D, David J. Schow, BARE*BONES
— Rondo Remembers, by Ron Adams, MONSTER BASH
— Scene Queen, by Barbara Crampton, FANGORIA
— Strange Days by Jason Strangis, SCARY MONSTERS
— They Came from the Krypt, by Jon Kitley, HORRORHOUND
— Or write in another choice:

bare*bones #4
Design by John Scoleri
Classic Monsters
of the Movies #21
by Daniel Horne
The Dark Side #211
by Rick Melton
Delirium #25
by Ryan Brookhart
Fangoria Vol, 2, #8 by Nathan Milliner
Filmfax #156
Unused publicity shot for LIFE magazine
Freaky Monsters #33
by Arliss
G-Fan #128 by Mark Dos SantosHorrorHound #86 by Jason Edmiston
Little Shoppe of Horrors #44 by Mark MaddoxMAD #16
by Bob Lizarraga
Monster Bash #39 by Basil GogosMonster Maniacs #1 by Bill Cunningham
 Scary Monsters #118 (Glow in the Dark) by Scott Jackson
Rue Morgue #193
by Graham Humphreys
Scream #58
Design by Imran Kelly
We Belong Dead #24
by Daryl Joyce

— Or write in another cover choice:


— Anatomy of a Scream Horror from an inclusive perspective.
— Attack From Planet B  A horror and sci-fi news wire.
— BlackHorrorMovies   Too long ignored, revelations abound.
— Bloody Disgusting  Tracking horror across all platforms.
— Bloody Pit of Rod   Musings on monsters and horror.
— Collinsport Historical Society  Barnabas shall never die.
— Confessions of a Cineslut  Kat Ellinger’s  savvy reviews.

— Daily Dead  An all-service horror site.
— Daily Grindhouse  News and interview from horror’s edges.
— David’s Basement of the Bizarre  Just about every horror need.
— Diabolique  Online magazine includes Daughters of Darkness.
— Dread Central Horror’s front page.
— Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Blog  Deep dives into old horrors.
— Final Girl  Stacie Ponder’s cinema survival guide.
— The Frankenstein Lens  Monster scholarship, unseen photos.
— The Homicidal Homemaker  Home economics meets horror!

— Monsters After Midnight  A monster magazine approach.
 Ravenous Monster Devouring all things monstrous.
— Scared Silly  Paul Castiglia’s tribute to classic horror comedies.
— Sin Street Sleaze  John Harrison walks the backstreets of horror.
— Universal Horror & Classic Creatures A Facebook page with rare photos and more.
— Universal Monster Army  Ultimate destination for models, toys, collectibles.
— Video WatchBlog  Tim Lucas on the magic of cinema and life.
— World of Monsters  Formerly Monster Magazine World.
— Or write in another choice:

19) BEST MULTI-MEDIA SITE (Podcasts, video)

— Bill Makes Podcasts  William Mize talks the fantastic.
— Bloodbath and Beyond  Reviews, interviews, unboxings.
— B-Movie Cast Long-running podcast still going strong.
— Colors of the Dark  Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane return.
— Count Gore De Vol’s Creature Feature Dungeon offers films, interviews, contests and rarities.
— Cult Radio a Go-Go  Pioneers of the horror-talk genre.
— Dinosaur Dracula A wild take on monsters and mayhem.
— Eerie Late Night Radio  Home of THE MONSTER CHANNEL.

— The Evolution of Horror  Podcasts trace roots of horror.
— Frankenstein Minute   Podcast now dissecting BRIDE (1935) minute by minute.
— Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast Lots of talk about monsters and creepy Hollywood.
— Hellbent for Horror Smart podcasts with authors and talents.
— Last Podcast on the Left  All things horrific.
— Literary License Podcast  Tracing journeys from book to screen.
— Made for TV Mayhem Amanda Reyes tunes in television terror.
— Mobile Horror Companion Horror podcast to take with you.

— Monster Attack  Jim Adams’s podcast focuses on classic monster movies.
— Monster Kid Radio Derek Koch dissects classic horrors.
— The Movie Crypt  Adam Green, Joe Lynch talk artist-to-artist.
— Movie Meltdown Geeks talk cinema old and new.
— Naschycast  Troy Guinn, Rod Barnett know their Naschy.
— Night of the Living Podcast  Long-running horror podcast.
— Nightmare on Film Street  Provocative takes on horror.
— Octoberpod Thanksgiving Road Trip  Edward October’s chilling audio drama.
— The Online Movie Show  Phil Hall’s takes on Hollywood.

— OSI74 Homebase for horror hosts old and new.
— Planet 8 Podcast of the fantastic.
— Post Mortem with Mick Garris Interviews with top fantasy creators.
— The Projection Booth Horror from high above the balcony.
— Ray Harryhausen Podcast Latest from the Ray Harryhausen Foundation.
— Record All Monsters  Family doesn’t run from giant monsters.
— Redfield Arts Audio  Poe, Lovecraft, Sinbad and more.
— Spooky Dudes Podcast  The edgier side of horror films.

— Trailers from Hell Joe Dante and friends host vintage trailers.
— Twilight Zone Podcast  There’s the podcast up ahead.
— Vid-O-Rama  Arfon Jones paints tributes to VHS era.
— The Vortexx A gathering of horror hosts.
— Or write in another choice:


— BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN HORROR FILM. Virtual lecture from Orange County Library by Gary D. Rhodes, discussing his book.
 — BLOBFEST: Virtual events included Best Theatre Runouts of the past, Blob screenings, Miss Blobfest contest, online vendors.
— CELEBRATING RAY HARRYHAUSEN AT 100: Online events included global chat during Jason & Argonauts, fan survey of his top creatures, panel discussions.
— ETHERIA FILM FESTIVAL: Usually held in Hollywood, nine short films aired on Shudder, and digital discussions later.
— HAUNTED BARN LIVE: Joey Vento’s films and prop displays streamed live.

— HORROR HOST LIVE (DEAD) PANEL: Streaming discussion of hosts past and present with Doctor Fearless, Marlena Midnight, Ormon Grimsby and Prof. Griffin.
— KAIJU CONLINE: From King Kong Escapes to Ultraman panels, kaiju fans had free access to an online experience.
— MISKATONIC INSTITUTE OF HORROR STUDIES: Online presentations of sessions on Lovecraft, Women and Made-for-TV movies, Pete Walker and more.
— MONSTERAMA VIRTUAL CON: Three days of panels and interviews with Masters of the Outer Limits, Dracula historians, filmmakers, comic book legends and more.
— MONSTERS: The Life and Afterlife of Monstrous Creatures: Anderson University (SC), multimedia course by Dr. Candace Weddle Livingston introduces vintage horror to students.

— NYC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL: Instead of theaters, 61 films plus panels offered on Eventive, Roku and Apple TV.
— THE SCREAMING SKULL: Made-for-TV movie with David McCallum streamed free by UCLA Library Film and TV Archive.
— SCRIPTS GONE WILD: All-star table readings online of Star Trek, Bride of Frankenstein, Gremlins and Stripes. Beer, too.
— TRANSYLVANIA TONIGHT: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari streamed with newly assembled soundtrack and title cards by Countess Carita (Stefanie Kokai).
— Or write in another choice:


— Al Omega (Creature Features)
— Arachna of the Spider People (Beware Theatre)
— Baron Mondo, El Sapo and Mittens (Nightmare Theatre)
— Big Chuck and Lil John (Cleveland)
— Bobby Gammonster (MonsterMovieNight)
— Bone Jangler and Nocturna (The Monster Show)
— Count Gore DeVol (Creature Feature)
— Deadwest (animated host of Screaming Soup)
— Drac and Countess Carita (Transylvania Tonight)
— Dr. Gangrene (Cinetarium)
— Dr. Paul Bearer (Tombstone Tales)

— Elvira (Mistress of the Dark)
— Fritz the Nite Owl (Channel Z)
— Gruesome Graves (Haunted Hotel)
— Halloween Jack (Haunted Theatre)
— Ivonna Cadaver (Macabre Theatre)
— Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl (Last Drive-In)
— Karlos Borloff (Monster Madhouse)
— Keymaster Slasher Poe (Dead Vault Horror Show)
— Lamia, Queen of the Dark (Horror Hotel)
— Lilith Von Bloodworth (Mondo Creepy TV)

— Lord Blood-Rah (Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre)
— Marlena Midnight (Midnight Mausoleum)

— Miss Misery (Movie Massacre)
— Mr. Lobo (Cinema Insomnia)
— Nigel Honeybone (Schlocky Horror Picture Show, Australia)
— Octavian Hallow (Haven Falls Horror Fixx)
— Penny Dreadful (Shilling Shockers)
— The Mummy and the Monkey (Hairy Scary Hangout)
— Ritchie & Triv (The Midnight Movie)
— Son of Ghoul (Ohio)
— Svengoolie (Me-TV)
— Vincent Van Dahl (Creature Features)
— Zelda, Bird & Theo (Off-Beat Cinema)
— Or write in another choice:


— BASKETFUL OF HEADS, by Joe Hill and Leomacs (DC hardcover) A woman on a bridge in the rain, with a basket.
— BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA STARRING BELA LUGOSI, by El Garing, Kerry Gammill, Richard Starkings, Robert Napton (Legendary Comics hardcover). Authorized by the Lugosi estate, he stars in a retelling of the classic tale.
— COUNT CROWLEY: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter, by David Dastmalchian and Lukas Ketner. (Dark Horse, softcover). A horror host finds part of her job is not a joke.
— EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SNIFTER OF BLOOD Vol. 5, by Paul Cornell, Kek and Alan Robinson (Ahoy, softcover). Original takes on Poe’s grim library.
— FRIGHTMARE CITY, by AC Turner and variety of artists. Web comic explores the fearful secrets of New York City.

— HELLBOY: The Return of Effie Kolb (Dark Horse softcover), by Al Mignola and Zach Howard. A visit to Appalachia.
— THE ICE CREAM MAN, Vol. 5: Other Confections, by W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo (Image softcover) Strange flavors indeed on his neighborhood rounds.
— JOHN CARPENTER’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT, VOL. 6, edited by Sandy King. (Storm King, softcover). Variety of creators offer chilling stories.
— KILLADELPHIA: Sins of the Father, Vol. 1, by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander (Image softcover). Hunting vampires in the birthplace of liberty.
— LON CHANEY SPEAKS, by Pat Dorian (Pantheon, hardcover). Recounting the true life of the Man of a Thousand Faces.

— STAY ALIVE, by James C. Harberson III, Mackie Wildwood, Stephen Baskerville (Markosia softcover). A struggling actress is target of a deadly reality show.
— STOKER AND WELLS, by Steven Peros and Barry Orkin (Our Gal Pictures, softcover, 96 pages, $19.99).  In 1894, lives are changed when the two authors meet in London.
— Or write in another choice:


23) WRITER OF THE YEAR (Whose work stood out in 2020?)


25) BEST FAN ARTIST OF 2020 (The Linda Miller Award)

Your votes here will help determine who receives these special awards:

This is Rondo’s highest honor: Who did the most in 2020 to advance the cause of classic horror scholarship, film preservation or genre creativity?

Who deserves special recognition for achievements that may have been overlooked or don’t fit into other categories?

Name as many as six fans, pros, writers, artists, researchers, horror hosts or others who over the years have made a permanent mark on the world of classic horror appreciation. See full list of Hall of Famers here.


Whew! That’s it. If you’ve gotten this far you are a true Monster Kid. Especially in the Year of the Pandemic.


— VOTING TIPS: You can copy this ballot into an email and make your selections with an X, or in bold, or by highlight. We know the ballot is awkward but a cut-and-paste into an email works fine.

— Or you can simply type your choices into the email.

— Remember, you do NOT have to vote in every category, and given this crazy year, write-ins are welcome.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Please stay behind the mask until things are safe again, and congratulations especially to all the nominees!

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