My name is David Albaugh and I have lived in Rhode Island my whole life. I grew up loving monster movies and comic books and kept to myself a lot. My interests occupied me nicely, creating some amazing memories that I still hold today. In fact, many of my blogs are reflective of these times.

I have been a blogger for many years but in December of 2018 decided it was time to do one on my own. Up until this point I was doing a blog with somebody else but it became very difficult. I decided to finally go out on my own giving me full responsibility of what I posted and when. Having complete control of your own site is so liberating and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

David’s Basement of the Bizarre is a personal journey for me. It allows me to reflect on all of the things that brought me happiness in my life. When I share these things, it helps me to relive them and helps keep me in a positive state of mind. The world can be a depressing place, especially with how 2020 progressed. Remembering such wonderful things lets me forget about the negativity for a bit, which is something I believe we all need once in awhile.

What People Say

David’s Basement Of The Bizarre is the most comprehensive and informative site on all things haunted and horror. Whether scary or amusing, it is a must see one stop source for all fans of the “other realm.”

Thomas D’Agostino, author

David’s Basement of the Bizarre is never boring.  Somehow, David finds a way to make things that are completely irrelevant to me, interesting enough that I get sucked in. His Horror Host category is really entertaining, his Basement Toy Box sections makes me feel like I was deprived as a child, as the Basement’s Halloween Haven is giving me great ideas for holiday decorating next year! Looking just at the categories on the website shows how eclectic David’s tastes can be, and he has a knack of making them all sound extremely fascinating.

Darren Marlar
Host of Weird Darkness

David Albaugh’s blog is well written and always interesting. His questions even made this boring artist sound interesting

Timothy Wayne Williams, artist

Let’s build something together. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see here!