The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection: Volume 2 (Dr. Cyclops / Cult of the Cobra / The Land of the Unknown / The Deadly Mantis / The Leech Woman)



Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection returns with 5 captivating science fiction films from the golden age of Hollywood! Featuring groundbreaking special effects, these classic films help set the standard for all sci-fi terror to come. Titles include Dr. Cyclops, Cult of the Cobra, The Land Unknown, The Deadly Mantis and The Leech Woman.

Bonus Content:
Disc 1 – Dr. Cyclops:

  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc 1 – Cult of the Cobra:

  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2 – The Land Unknown:

  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2 – The Deadly Mantis:

  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc 3 – The Leech Woman:

  • Theatrical Trailer


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