Davids Basement of the Bizarre

THIS WEEK ON SVENGOOLIE (February 27, 2021): Devil Doll

This week on Svengoolie is the 1964 British horror film DEVIL DOLL. It’s a story about an evil ventriloquist, “The Great Vorelli”, and his dummy Hugo. It was directed by Lindsay Shonteff and stars William … Read More

THE BASEMENT BACK IN TIME: “Mighty Marvel Jumbo Fun Book”

As I get older, I find myself getting more and more nostalgic from when I was a child. To be honest, I am actually surprised at how much I remember. … Read More

MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS (Special Edition): My Mask Collection

I have been collecting Halloween masks since the 1980s. Over the years pieces have come and gone, only to come back again. For anyone that collects masks knows, there just … Read More