WEIRD PLACES: Getting Abducted at The Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum

Whenever I travel, I research areas of interest that may be close by dealing with UFOs, the paranormal, and cryptids. During a recent trip to Mount Upton, New York, I … Read More

BASEMENT BOOKSHELF: “The United States of Cryptids: A Tour of American Myths and Monsters” by J.W. Ocker

I have been a fan of author J.W. Ocker ever since reading his 2010 book, “The New England Grimpendium: A Guide to Macabre and Ghastly Sites.” In each of Ocker’s … Read More

Ariel Phenomenon Documentary: Based on the 1994 Ariel School UFO sighting, witnessed by over sixty schoolchildren in Zimbabwe

In 1994, over sixty students at Ariel School in Zimbabwe witnessed something incredible. It has impacted their lives to this day. This is their story. Release date May 20, 2022  “I … Read More