BOOK REVIEW: “Monster Mash: The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze In America 1957-1972”

As I get older I find myself getting more nostalgic for things that I had or experienced as a child. It may be as simple as opening a new comic book, reading a book that has stayed with me or even any of the cool toys I had growing up.

When it came to toys I was very partial to the Mego toy lines with such great toys like Micronauts and the World’s Greatest Superheroes 8″ action figures. My favorite though was monsters. In fact, I would get monster toys from other lines just to incorporate them into playtime with the toys I already had.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: James Lurgio of Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery


I have always been a fan of not only monsters but of Halloween. It was only natural for me that in 1985 I combined both loves into a small yard haunt. Each year the display got larger and it eventually got to a point where I had more than 30 people volunteering their time to make sure that my haunted yard (known as FRIGHT NIGHT since it was only open on Halloween night) went off without a hitch. It was at this time, in 1989, that I met James Lurgio, another resident of Jamestown, Rhode Island. Unbeknownst to me he was also a fan of monsters and Halloween and after one of my shows he called me. I invited him over to see my collection of masks, props and costumes and we have been friends ever since.


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TOYS WE GREW UP ON: Gre-Gory, Big Bad Vampire Bat!

Gre-Gory, the Big Bad Vampire Bat, by Mattel, is a toy that though I never owned personally, is one I always remembered! Being a monster fan as a child meant I was always on the lookout for the next cool monster toy. I remember when I first saw the commercials for this toy, wanting it immediately. This toy came out in 1978 and to this day I am surprised that it never made it under the tree on Christmas morning!

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THE HALLOWEEN BOOMBOX: Seasonal Music To Die For Part 2

Welcome to part two of THE HALLOWEEN BOOMBOX, my ongoing series showcasing spooky tunes and scary melodies. In the last entry (seen HERE) I highlighted 22 cd releases and this installment features 23 more! If someone had told me when I first started collecting these music compilations that there would be so many I would have said that they were crazy!

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WHAT THE FUG? Fugglers Taking Toy Industry By Storm!


Fugglers. Funny ugly monsters. Despite being a lover of bizarre toys I had never heard of these toys until they randomly came up as a recommendation on Amazon for me. I was instantly drawn to them, not knowing they were actually one of the projected “hot” toys for the 2018 Christmas season. Immediately I noticed two things on Amazon; there were quite a few varieties available and there was no consistency to the pricing. This was an easily recognizable example of price gouging by private sellers.

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WEIRD PLACES: The Spider Gates Cemetery

There are definitely pros and cons with living in New England. The cons are actually the lack of cons! That’s right, we get very little in the way of horror conventions in our neck of the woods. The pros though are many and include a wide variety of history, much of it being of a supernatural nature. Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union, boasts more incidents of vampirism than all other states combined and it is believed that Bram Stoker based his best-selling novel on what was going on right in my back yard.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land


A few years ago, while looking for Halloween-themed images on Google, I came across a picture that featured three little creatures holding candy corn. I thought they were adorable and was wondering what their source was. There was nothing with the picture that gave any indication to what the figures were so I posted the image multiple times on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize them.

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Welcome to the second installment of my Cabinet of Curiosities, this time showcasing what is known as Pedro, the Mountain Mummy. Just recently, while going through some old boxes, I came across what appeared to be a glass bell jar wrapped heavily in bubble wrap and upon opening it, found Pedro, forgetting that I even had him! He came into my possession many, many years ago and though he is not the original mummy found in 1932, he is still very interesting nonetheless.

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THE HALLOWEEN BOOMBOX: Seasonal Music To Die For Part 1

As you get to know me and this site, you will learn that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Though Christmas and gift giving/receiving is fun, nothing equals the feeling of the Halloween season (which for me starts in early August). Whether it was dressing up as a kid to go trick or treating or dressing up as an adult to hand out candy, this season has always been the absolute highlight of the year.

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