Davids Basement of the Bizarre

THIS WEEK ON SVENGOOLIE (5/15/2021): Fiend Without A Face

Tomorrow night on Svengoolie is the 1958 film, FIEND WITHOUT A FACE. A scientist on an air base in Canada experiments with the materialisation of thought waves, but things get … Read More

BASEMENT BOOK SHELF: “Do You Remember…?: A Trip Down Memory Lane for You and Your Family”

Just recently I had published my first book, one designed to help us get through the state of the world today. We all have memories; some good, some bad. We … Read More

BASEMENT BOOK SHELF: “Copper State Monsters: Cryptids & Legends of Arizona” by David Weatherly

Recently, while looking around Amazon, I discovered author David Weatherly. I was looking into books about Thunderbirds and his book on Arizona came up. The more I looked, the more … Read More

DAVID’S DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Terror in the Skies (Small Town Monsters)

I first became aware of Small Town Monsters while looking around Amazon. Some of their documentaries were available as a part of my Prime membership. I watched “The Flatwoods Monster: … Read More

THE BASEMENT BOOK SHELF: “You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! (Revised and Expanded Monster Kids Edition): A Front Row Look at the Science Fiction and Horror Films of the 1950s” by Mark Thomas McGee

Being a monster kid myself, when books like this come out, I am all over them. I just cannot get enough of reading about science fiction and horror movies, especially … Read More