ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Timothy Wayne Williams

In a flash, Christmas has come and gone. I received many presents that really stand out to me this year but one in particular is one that I will cherish for a very long time. It is the “2021 Cryptid Calendar” by American painter Timothy Wayne Williams.

According to his website, “Tim’s art cannot be easily defined. One may find Impressionist influences or light effects of the Dutch masters in his body of work.” All I know is that his paintings are amazing and would look great on anyone’s wall. He will on occasion even add hidden ghosts or even Bigfoot into his works. The result is the “2021 Cryptid Calendar,” which unfortunately, is now sold out.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: TheDustyTentacle on Etsy

During the trying times we are going through with Covid, people are trying to maintain as “normal” of a life as possible. Though retail stores remain open, most people have turned to internet shopping. Though I am a user of Amazon, one thing I have found myself looking at more and more is Etsy. Though I can save money on Amazon, buying on Etsy does two things; it gives you the ability to buy things that are original, not found anywhere else and are often one-of-a-kind but you are also supporting artists, who are suffering greatly during the pandemic.

Mummified Fiji Mermaid.
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Getting Weird With “Weird Al” Yankovic


Though this site usually focuses on the bizarre, I thought getting weird would also fit in nicely…as in “Weird Al” Yankovic. I have been a fan of Al’s since I first heard his parody of The Kinks “Lola” entitled “Yoda” on the Dr. Demento show in the mid-80’s. Fourteen albums later and I am still a fan, probably appreciating him now more than ever. As I got older, I found myself respecting what Al does more, not only with his clever writing but with his ability to imitate pretty much any musical style.

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Rest In Peace: Stanton Friedman


For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by flying saucers. Growing up I would read every book I could get my hands on, oftentimes reading and re-reading the slim offerings at both my school and public library. I couldn’t get enough. Even today, I am still reading but found that I gravitated towards Stanton Friedman and his views on aliens and flying saucers. No one has done more for this subject than Mr. Friedman, both as an investigator and as an author. Though he was a nuclear physicist his books were never so technical that you couldn’t understand what he was writing about. His work just on Roswell is second to none and his passion was evident in everything he spoke and wrote about. If you were a sceptic and read his books, I guarantee that you would begin to have second thoughts based on the evidence he would present. His passing is quite the shock to me and it will take me awhile to realize that there will be no more interviews with him or new books to read. I always said to myself that if anyone was going to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon it was going to be Stanton Friedman. The world has lost a great man and I don’t think anyone will be able to do what he did. Rest in Peace, Stanton…hopefully you now know the truth.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: James Lurgio of Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery


I have always been a fan of not only monsters but of Halloween. It was only natural for me that in 1985 I combined both loves into a small yard haunt. Each year the display got larger and it eventually got to a point where I had more than 30 people volunteering their time to make sure that my haunted yard (known as FRIGHT NIGHT since it was only open on Halloween night) went off without a hitch. It was at this time, in 1989, that I met James Lurgio, another resident of Jamestown, Rhode Island. Unbeknownst to me he was also a fan of monsters and Halloween and after one of my shows he called me. I invited him over to see my collection of masks, props and costumes and we have been friends ever since.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land


A few years ago, while looking for Halloween-themed images on Google, I came across a picture that featured three little creatures holding candy corn. I thought they were adorable and was wondering what their source was. There was nothing with the picture that gave any indication to what the figures were so I posted the image multiple times on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize them.

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