MONSTROUS MOVIE REVIEWS: The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

The year of 2020 has been horrible for everybody. Many people are living day-to-day and so many locally owned businesses are no longer with us. The pandemic has also affected larger chains as well, especially when it comes to entertainment. Movies stopped filming, theatres shut down and entertainment that we really needed to keep our mind off of things were non-existent.

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13 Werewolf Films to Howl Over!


I have always loved werewolf films, perhaps even more than vampire films. There is just something about a creature that completely transforms from human to beast and then tears its victims to pieces. The problem with werewolf films is that in my experience, they are either really good or they just suck. Here I present to you a variety of werewolf films to satisfy everyone’s shape-shifting needs.

To me, there are two types of lycanthropic films; the werewolf and the wolfman. Werewolf films feature monsters that look nothing like their human counterparts whereas wolfmen retain some of the characteristics of the human form and in most cases still wear the clothes that were worn before the transformation. This blog is about werewolves.

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MONSTROUS MOVIE REVIEW: The Giant Spider (2013)


The 1950’s. Perhaps my all-time favorite decade when it comes to movies. This was one of the most prolific times in movie history when it comes to science fiction and horror movies (according to Wikipedia there were almost 200 science fiction films released during this 10-year period). So many great movies came from this time and though many were forced to be made on miniscule budgets, the movies were oftentimes very original and above all else, they were all a lot of fun to watch. Because of the almost non-existent budgets and short production schedules, film crews had to be more creative with what little they had and this oftentimes lead to very atmospheric films that may not have worked as well if more money and time was available.

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