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HORROR HOST SPOTLIGHT: Midnite Mausoleum with Marlena Midnite

Welcome to another edition of HORROR HOST SPOTLIGHT, this time covering your cuddly cadaver Marlena Midnite. MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM is one of America’s most beloved horror host television shows that debuted … Read More

HORROR HOST SPOTLIGHT: Morgus the Magnificent

Growing up, Rhode Island really didn’t have a horror host of its own. Though I was aware of such hosts as Vampira, Elvira, Zacherley and the Son of Svengoolie, it … Read More

HORROR HOST SPOTLIGHT: The One & Only, Svengoolie

As I child I was not like most kids. Instead of playing, or even having any interest in, sports I could be found out in nature collecting insects, drawing, listening … Read More

HORROR HOST SPOTLIGHT: Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies

Growing up in the 70s was an awesome time to be a kid. The toys were cool, Saturday morning cartoons were a lot of fun and we had a regular dose … Read More