MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Scarecrow by Death Studios

Death Studios has always been one of my favorite mask companies. Before I started doing mail order purchasing I would buy masks in stores at Halloween time. In the 80s when I started, there were not Halloween stores per se but there were stores that would carry masks by Don Post Studios, Be Something Studios and Distortions Unlimited but these were few and far between.

The advantage to these stores was seeing the actual mask before purchasing it, which was a huge benefit. What seemed to happen was that as mail order masks became more popular, you would very often get in the mail something that looked nothing like the photo in the catalog, often looking like your seven old brother painted it.

When I received my first Death Studios catalog, I was just floored. So many cool designs and very reasonable prices. To be honest, I was a little concerned since Death Studios’ masks could not be found in any stores so seeing the actual product before buying was impossible. I did take a chance though and purchased a few of my favorites and was so glad that I did.

Every mask I have received from Jeff, the owner of Death Studios has looked exactly like the catalog pictures, with very little variation. The latex pours were always thick and the paint jobs were some of the best I have ever seen. The quality control Jeff has is unbelievable. It definitely helps that Jeff is the one that pours and paints every mask.

The subject of the Monstrous Mask Review is called Scarecrow, which I believe came out in 1989. Scarecrow masks have always been one of my favorite subjects as it such a representative character of the Halloween season. The vision of a human-like body mounted on a pole in the middle of a field can be so genuinely creepy.

This Scarecrow mask has always been one of my favorites. The detailing is wonderful, giving the full impression of being made with burlap. In fact, the only time you would realize it is actually not made of burlap is on close inspection. The eye holes are cleverly hidden in the black “cloth” representing the eyes. This is a great touch as people will not see your eyes at all.

Though my copy is wearable, I tend to not wear masks very often. I prefer to have them as display copies and most times, if I buy from Jeff, I do order my copy without sight and breathing holes. The mask is a little smaller than most Death Studios masks so if you are claustrophobic you may have a problem wearing it. I think the small size is advantageous though as it is close to the size of a human head, adding to the creep factor is displayed properly in your yard at Halloween.

One thing I cannot emphasize enough is how great a company Death Studios is. The designs, quality and customer service are second to none. After my first order with them, I have never had any hesitations when it comes to ordering again.

With the exception of the first photo, which is from the Death Studios’ website, all photos are of the actual mask I received. As you can see they look almost identical. To order your own copy of Scarecrow, just click HERE!

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~David Albaugh

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