MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Survivor by Zagone Studios

When I started collecting masks and doing a yard haunt, there were three main mask companies to choose from. There was Don Post Studios, Distortions Unlimited and Be Something Studios. Though all three companies did amazing work, I found that the masks from Be Something Studios were the easiest to wear for my actors. Not only were they comfortable but provided vision that was not impaired and breathing with them on was very easy.

Website photo of Survivor.

Since they were used year-after-year for thirteen years, they all eventually ended up being beyond repair or salvageable. In that time, Be Something Studios also became Zagone Studios and I am happy to say that their masks are as good today as they were when I first started buying them in the mid-1980s.

Actual mask I received.

The subject of this review is Survivor, a sculpture by Bill Ystrom. This is such a fun design that is easy to wear and looks fantastic. The concept is that this is the survivor of perhaps a nuclear war. The face mask is that of a skull with an attached Biohazard breathing mask. The mask is a half mask that has a strap to help keep it snug to your face and the eye holes are covered in black mesh which not only hide your eyes, but is very easy to see through. The gas mask is oozing a green radioactive substance and to complete the look there is a tattered and rotted looking hood.

What I like about Zagone Studios’ masks is that they always look as good as the catalog or website pictures. You can buy with confidence, sight-unseen. I also think a lot of people will love the fact that these masks are made 100% in the United States.

The latex pour is of a nice thickness and will last for a very long time. The paint job really makes the skull part look like bone and the green ooze is a nice detail, though I wish it glowed in the dark. This mask is so comfortable to wear and for me, being an asthmatic, being able to breath while wearing a mask is a must. I have no problems at all wearing this mask.

This is also an easy mask to provide a costume for. Not only does Zagone offer a robe of the same material as the hood, but they also offer some amazing skeletal hands to complete the costume! This mask would be perfect for a yard haunt or even just to wear because you’re bored. It’s such a fun design that is very versatile when it comes to completing the look.

If you’d like to order the mask, all you need to do is click HERE! For the hands you can go HERE or, if you want the whole ensemble, just go HERE! It doesn’t get simpler than that and they deliver very quickly! You just cannot go wrong with Zagone Studios!

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~David Albaugh

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