THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: Home Accents Set of 3 Animated LED 6′ Floating Reapers

Home Depot has done it again with another amazing prop for Halloween. This time it is the Home Accents Set of Three Animated LED 6′ Floating Reapers. This set looks great on the website and even better in person!

Website photo of this set.

When the box arrived in the mail it was a bit mind boggling at how small the box actually was. When I opened it and saw how it was packed I realized that Home Accents knows what they are doing when it comes to packing their product. Though I will never get it back in the box to look the same, it was nice to see it neatly packed.

Great packing job!

Once I pulled out all of the pieces, the first thing I noticed were the headstones, which are made of plastic. On seeing these I realized that they look just as good as the foam ones we are all familiar with. I honestly would like to see more made this way and sold. They will last much longer than the foam ones and they will not blow away on those windy nights. I wonder if they would be cheaper as well, perhaps using recycled plastic. The large center headstone lights up as well. The LEDs make it look like there is a flame inside and is battery operated.

Putting this together was a breeze and it took me about 45 minutes on my own. The design is very clever with each of the three reapers looking like they are really floating! Whoever came up with this really thought it through. The two reapers in the front have a chain that goes to the ground, hiding the metal tubing that goes up into the arms. The reaper in the back is holding a skull-covered staff that not only hides the metal tubing but the wiring coming from the other two reapers that attach to this one.

Each figure also has one poseable arm. The eyes are brightly lit by red LEDs and when the mouths open while talking, it is illuminated by a bright blue LED. Though the light in the headstone runs on batteries, the reapers themselves plug into an electrical outlet. The motion detector is also pretty sensitive and so far, has activated them every time.

Home Depot promotional picture.

Only the head on the middle reaper moves back and forth as the other two look on, responding to what he has to say. The audio has a volume control and the speakers are very clear and it’s easy to understand what they are saying. These guys will be the perfect addition to any cemetery set-up you may have.

This amazing set is available both at the Home Depot stores as well as online, with free shipping. Don’t forget to check out the other entries in my BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN series.

~David Albaugh

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