MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Possessed Pumpkin by Ghoulish Productions

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a pumpkin. It has been representative of the season for as long as we can remember and capturing them in latex is nothing new. From Don Post Studios creating their famous pumpkin mask for the 1982 film HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH to today, where almost every mask company offers some kind of pumpkin mask, which vary in quality and design.

This entry of MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS is covering POSSESSED PUMPKIN by Ghoulish Productions. I have covered masks by this company before in this series and will definitely be covering them again, as they offer so many amazing masks that feature both great sculptures as well as amazingly detailed paint jobs.

You can see this vision holes here.

I actually picked this mask up at Spirit Halloween for the 2020 season because I just couldn’t stop looking at it! When you look at their wall of masks this one just stood out from the rest. Right away I knew it was a Ghoulish Productions mask because they have a certain style that is all their own.

As pumpkin masks go, this is one of the best. I am not sure who sculpted it but the detail is absolutely amazing! First off, the pumpkin aspect of the sculpt is very realistically textured, painted perfectly to look like an actual pumpkin. The mask also features a nice bib sculpted with vines and leaves, which will aid in designing a costume.

One of my favorite parts of this design are the exposed areas where the pumpkin has broken areas, exposing the pumpkin guts within. This detail can be seen around the eyes, on the sides of the mouth and on other areas of the mask.

The teeth are a great touch as well looking as though they will open up at any time to get you. The eyes are also menacing, using orange and yellow to give it a demonic look. The nose and upper lip area are also very detailed. The mouth and eye areas have a carved out look making you wonder what happened to this guy to make him this way.

I don’t normally wear these masks but did try it on to see how the vision and breathing was. The vision holes are cleverly hidden above the painted eyes, blending into the pumpkin guts. There are breathing holes both in the nose and in between the teeth on both sides of the mask. I found seeing and breathing to be adequate with this mask.

The highlights and shadows on this mask are beautifully painted, emphasizing the detail in the sculpture. If anyone knows who actually did the sculpture I would love to give them proper credit! There is a slit up the back of the mask that aids in getting the mask on and off easily.

To get your own copy of this amazing mask just click on the image below. Make sure to check out my other entries in my MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS series.

~David Albaugh

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