THE BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW: “Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast”

Jim Harold, America’s Top Paranormal Podcaster, interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory (from COAST TO COAST AM) and the biggest names in paranormal studies. THE PARANORMAL PODCAST has been in production since 2005 with over 666 episodes and 50 million downloads.

I have always been a fan of COAST TO COAST AM though staying up late to listen live is not the easiest thing to do. In my younger days, I would listen to it on my way home from a night of listening to bands at the local bar. In my opinion, THE PARANORMAL PODCAST is a great way to get the same quality show that you can listen to at any time. The subject matter is the same and Jim has a very calming voice, something we all need at this time. He also interviews many of the same people as heard on COAST TO COAST AM, but without commercials every five to ten minutes, which is a complete distraction.

In addition to THE PARANORMAL PODCAST, Jim also hosts JIM HAROLD’S CAMPFIRE, a show where people call in to tell of paranormal experiences they have had. These shows are a lot of fun and we actually listen to them around a fire pit in our yard. Oftentimes it is difficult for people who have had these experiences to come forth out of fear of ridicule. Jim is always respectful and calm, which I am sure helps the guests tell their story more than he knows.

Jim has also written a series of books called “True Ghost Stories,” based on the stories he hears on his show. It’s a great series and highly recommended. There is also a “True Ghost Story Adult Coloring Book,” inspired by JIM HAROLD’S CAMPFIRE.

Jim was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me and answer some questions.

David: How did your interest in the paranormal begin?

Jim: It started when I was a wee lad going back to Leonard Nimoy’s classic TV series “In Search Of…” I started watching that when I was about seven years old and I’ve been hooked ever since!

David: What inspired you to do THE PARANORMAL PODCAST podcast?

Jim: I had been a broadcasting student in college and ended up working in media professionally for a number of years, but behind the scenes on the business side. I always longed to get in front of a mic or a camera and fulfill my training and original desire to be a pro broadcaster. I heard about podcasting in 2005 as it was just starting; I thought I would podcast as a hobby. I never dreamed it would become my full time career as it has been for the last eight years. 

I decided that the paranormal would be a natural topic because not many people were doing it (how things have changed) and I had this lifelong fascination with it. I thought I’d do the show for six months and have all of the mysteries of life figured out. Turns out, fifteen years later I have more questions than answers. 

David: With the topics you cover, is there one that stands out as being 100% believable? If yes, why?

Jim: Near Death Experiences…there seems to be so much commonality and things that can’t be explained away. I believe NDE experiencers and think they’ve seen a hint of what lies beyond.

David: What is your favorite topic to cover? Why?

Jim: The afterlife. We may not all see a ghost, a UFO or bigfoot but I have news…we’ll all die…and the vast majority of people wonder what comes next.

David: What is your least favorite topic to cover? Why?

Jim: I’m interested but leery of topics like exorcism. Ironically, I just did the 666th episode of THE PARANORMAL PODCAST on just this subject where I had two great guests on the topic. I will do these shows but I am always a bit leery about poking the bear…will it poke back?

David: Is there one episode of THE PARANORMAL PODCAST that still gives you chills to think about?

Jim: Actually, there are multiples. However, the most chilling episode I did that I can recall is a Campfire episode. That’s my true ghost story show…we had a classic story where a woman went into some kind of portal at a bar (The Roadhouse Saloon) with a friend and she almost didn’t get out. I think that is both the most chilling and my favorite. We also made that into a YouTube video you can watch on my channel at 


David: Is there one topic that you really want to cover but haven’t been able to yet?

Jim: I’d like to do more on Coral Castle and the Philadelphia Experiment…both fascinating but not a lot of current researchers working on it.

David: How do you choose your topics?

Jim: I just find things that I’m curious about and that might have new works out on them…that makes the guests easier to find if they have something to promote. My curiosity is my guide. I figure if it piqued my interest it likely will for the audience as well.

David: Are there any podcasts that you listen to regularly?

Jim: Not many, I’m too busy making them! ASTONISHING LEGENDS is great when I can listen. Also, I love the LEO LAPORTE TWIT podcasts on tech.

David: How long does each episode take to produce?

Jim: THE PARANORMAL PODCAST takes about 4 hours per episode altogether between editing, the interview, posting, artwork, promotion, etc.

David: What is the process in creating each episode?

Jim: For THE PARANORMAL PODCAST, I have my virtual assistant reach out to the guest or their representatives. We book the time and do the interview which usually takes an hour. Then, I pull together any commercials I need to include and voice and then the same for any promos for my other shows, YouTube channel, etc. I throw it all onto a timeline in Adobe Audition and edit. Once I have that file, I have my virtual assistant Maddy do a quality control listen to look out for any mistakes. Once it is approved, I upload and post. Then I have to share it on all of my social channels…it takes about four hours per episode as I said…it is not as quick and easy as it looks. I’ve done over 2,100 episodes between all of my shows and it’s still hard work. 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my work with your audience and I hope they can check my shows out at and wherever they get their podcasts!

I want to thank Jim, not only for being a part of this blog but for his amazing podcasts. If you would like to purchase any of Jim’s book, click the links below. Don’t forget to read others in my series THE BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW.

~David Albaugh

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