MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: The Demon Lord by Lord Grimsley’s Manor

For this entry I am reviewing another fantastic mask by Lord Grimley’s Manor. It is called Demon Lord and it is new for the 2021 Halloween season. Like the masks from them that I have already talked about, this one is a great addition to any mask collection. From the website: “Washed long ago in the frozen river Cocytus and emerging from the 9th and deepest level of Hell.  He was once a ruling lord seated in the throne room of Dis Pater, god of the underworld. The DemonLord has no name and is rumored to have clawed his way to the top over the deep trenches and the infinite maze of bodies in the place of the dead. This is a full over the head latex mask with some amazing detail.”

Website photo of Demon Lord.

The first thing I noticed about this mask was the sculpture. Though called Demon Lord, this can also be used as a vampire character, perhaps from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. It certainly looks very similar to The Master. The nose is very bat like and the overall appearance is very vampiric (of course the vampires in Buffy were demons). The skin texture is subtle but still gives the mask a lot of character.

The mask I received. Keep in mind that the lighting here is less than optimal.

The paint job is also excellent. The red eyes with sunken eye sockets are so creepy. Add to that the pointed ears and a mouth full of teeth and you have one scary character. This mask also features a nice bib, perfect for tucking into your costume. The version I received is uncut so I am not sure how good the vision and breathing holes are. Based on others I have seen by Lord Grimley’s Manor they should be more than adequate.

This mask would be perfect for a haunted house or even put on a mannequin to scare your guests. The sculpture is very realistic and it is guaranteed to get a fun reaction. Currently this mask is available for pre-order with an expected ship date of August. To pre-order your own copy of The Demon Lord please visit my BASEMENT BOUTIQUE.

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~David Albaugh

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