MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: The Boor Tree Scarecrow by Lord Grimley’s Manor

For this MONSTROUS MASK REVIEW, I present the Boor Tree Scarecrow mask. The is another Lord Grimley’s Manor exclusive. This 2021 line are meant to be a set, with each mask a part of a bigger story. Named after the famed Tatty Bogle, this scarecrow is fond of the boor tree that grows in the far corner of the property. It is death and doom for any minion that dares to harm the branches of the tree in that unhallowed space. Do not trifle with this scarecrow come midnight. He trolls the potato fields and will take the head from your lily shoulders should you cross his path!

Website photo of the Boor Tree Scarecrow mask.

Like many in this series, the Boor Tree Scarecrow mask was sculpted by Anders Lerche. The detail of the burlap is really well done. It is evident that some of this head was sewn together. Later, the tree that it was mounted on, started to grow through it. Real moss has also started to form. The evil eyes stare right through you and the teeth are intimidating.

The actual mask I received.

The paint job is really well done. The burlap looks real and the stitching adds to the effect. There is definitely the suggestion of a skull underneath which adds to the creepiness. The teeth and eyes are wonderfully painted, giving this mask so much personality. The addition of real moss and straw is a detail that many companies would not have included.

Lord Grimley’s Manor has another home run here. Scarecrow masks are very popular and the Boor Tree Scarecrow mask should be in every collection. The mask is a nice, thick latex pour. It is meant to last a long time. If you like this mask, it is available to buy in my BASEMENT BOUTIQUE. You can also buy it from my eBay Store.

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~David Albaugh

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