Who Doesn’t Love…Things in Jars?!?

I remember growing up watching science fiction and horror movies. Whenever there was a laboratory, I would always look at the set, trying to figure out what was used to complete the look. Oftentimes, specimens in jars would line the back shelves and I always wondered just what these specimens were.

Green alien embryo. Also comes in white.

When I started my own yard haunt in 1985, I would often add things in jars to the backgrounds of my laboratory set-up. Noodles would become tapeworms. Large olives would become eyeballs. You get the picture. As years went on, Halloween mask producers jumped on the bandwagon as well, offering all kinds of creatures to be displayed in jars. The variety was pretty much endless.

Gooey eyeballs.

I am very happy to announce that I now sell a variety of “things in jars,” thanks to the folks at Lord Grimley’s Manor. I have six varieties available and they all look amazing. Each beautifully sculpted creature comes with its own jar, so that you do not have to find one yourself.

Cthulhu also comes in natural shades of brown.

These props are ready to go and if you want to add water, just follow the simple, included instructions to help preserve the latex prop for years of fun and grossing people out. The sculptures are very realistic and these are guaranteed to help make any set you include them in all the better!

The specimen jars measure 7 inches tall and 4.38 inches wide. The slumbering red dragon embryo features a jar that measures 10 inches tall, 5 inches deep and 4 inches wide. These are high quality hand-painted latex props and have many possibilities.  Stuff them and mount them on your mantel. Just leave them locked away in his jar for all of eternity.  Or better yet, flood the jars with a liquid of your choice for better preservation.

To order your own, just visit my BASEMENT BOUTIQUE. These are selling as fast as I can get them so order yours today!

~David Albaugh

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  1. This brings to mind Ray Bradbury’s story “The Jar.” According to Harlan Ellison, it was adapted for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

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