MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Spider Mask by Ghoulish Productions

For anyone that knows me well knows that I love insects and arachnids as much as I love Halloween. They are fascinating animals and often felt that their faces and heads would make excellent masks. I am actually surprised more companies haven’t done them. For those that have, more often than not they are excellent. Spider, by Ghoulish Productions, is one of these excellent masks.

This mask, new for the 2021 season, is a very scary addition to the Ghoulish Productions line. Though not anatomically correct, this mask is fantastic. The sculpture is so well done and detailed. Thanks to the hair being sparse, you can still see and appreciate the details underneath.

The eight glossy eyes on the Spider mask seem to look at you from every angle. They are reflective enough that you can almost see yourself. The mouth, though not accurate, is very well conceived. Arachnids actually have two fangs and eat by sucking the juices out of their prey. Despite this, the ten teeth would have no problem doing damage as well. The boney spikes on the back of the mask are a nice detail as well.

In addition to all of the other great things about the Spider mask, the design also allows for great vision and breathing. The ample vision holes appear in the skin creases below the arachnid’s eyes. The breathing holes are also masked into the creases in the mouth.

Though spiders tend to be very hairy, the sparse hair on the Spider mask is perfect. Though people tend to be afraid of hairy spiders, seeing the wrinkled skin underneath the hair adds a lot to the creep out factor. As an FYI, these pictures are of the actual mask I received so you know you will be getting a quality mask. At the time of this writing Spider was out of stock on the Ghoulish Productions website but I was able to get a copy on eBay.

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~David Albaugh

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