HALLOWEEN BOOMBOX: Bloodlines by Midnight Syndicate

The latest offering by Midnight Syndicate, their second this year, proves that they are on a winning streak! BLOODLINES, a prequel to their ghostly classic THE 13TH HOUR, takes listeners further into the sinister world of the mysterious Haverghast family first introduced in 2001’s Gates of Delirium.

Being a yard haunter, Midnight Syndicate’s releases have always been instrumental in setting the tone of my displays. They are also now used during an annual Halloween party I host with my significant other. I was very excited when this release came out, and it did not disappoint.

BLOODLINES did something different to my while listening. This first thing I noticed was that when certain songs started, I could easily visualize them being introductions to the songs of King Diamond. Diamond was a master of incorporating similar music into his songs, adding such a feel of terror. Being a fan of King Diamond, I loved this mindset that BLOODLINES put me into.

The second thing that happened was that while listening to BLOODLINES, I could also visualize almost instantly places where these songs could be used in my haunt. Not only that, certain songs created new ideas for my haunt and party as well! These songs are powerful and to be able to have that effect on me shows how well crafted they are.

BLOODLINES is one of those albums that you can listen to straight through, with your emotions being played with as each new song starts. If you are a fan of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE, then you will definitely want to add BLOODLINES to your collection.

~David Albaugh

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