MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Moon Hunter by Oktober Studios

Werewolves have always been one of my favorite types of monsters. In particular, I love the vertical kinds, as seen in THE HOWLING and DOG SOLDIERS. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a Halloween mask that captures them well, at least in my opinion. Thankfully, OKTOBER STUDIOS released MOON HUNTER, a werewolf mask that deserves recognition.

Website photo of MOON HUNTER.

Prior to this mask, I had not heard of OKTOBER STUDIOS. In fact, I found MOON HUNTER on the LORD GRIMLEY’S MANOR website. The images I saw drew me right in. MOON HUNTER displayed all of the features I look for in a werewolf mask.

When the mask arrived, I was definitely pleased with what I received. Being a new company for me, I had no idea what their quality control is and in the past, have been burned by receiving something that looks nothing like the master copy photographed for catalogs.

Does it look 100% like the master? No, but it is close enough that I am very satisfied with adding it to my mask collection. I love the blue coloration of the skin, not seen before to my knowledge in a werewolf mask. MOON HUNTER also sports a nice sized snout full of sharp teeth.

The sculpture is wonderful. There is a lot of detail in the skin and the long ears are perfect. The paint job is also great, though I would’ve liked to have seen more shading in the creases of the face. MOON HUNTER‘s website photo does emphasize these a lot, though this could’ve just been because of the lighting used for the photo.

MOON HUNTER‘s hair work is also really nicely done here. I love the black color with highlights of grey. The latex pour is thick guaranteeing a long shelf life. Though I will not be wearing this mask, the eye and breathing holes are more than adequate.

I absolutely love this mask and highly recommend adding it to your mask or werewolf collection. I would love to see OKTOBER STUDIOS to release a deluxe version, looking exactly like the website photos but until this happens, if it does, I am more than happy with the copy I got.

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~David Albaugh

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