MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Sleestak bust by artist Chuck Jarman

Marshall, Will and Holly…on a routine expedition. LAND OF THE LOST, perhaps the greatest children’s show ever to appear on Saturday morning television. Though the effects are dated, the storylines were very well written and many still hold up today. And then there are the Sleestak, a race of lizard people that terrified a generation of kids in the 1970s. The Sleestak bust, by artist Chuck Jarman, is the perfect collectible for fans of this amazing show.

Chuck has created a threesome of amazing busts of the Sleestak. My first review was of his Sleestak Skull and now it’s all about the actual Sleestak themselves. As impressed I was with his skull creation, the Sleestak bust is even more impressive.

The entire piece measures about 22 inches tall, with the base. The sculpture is very true to the original creatures from the Land of the Lost and the beautiful paint work brings the Sleestak bust to life. The use of plastic lenses, like used in the show, adds to the authenticity of the piece.

The wooden base is also a nice touch. It is covered with moss and PVC tubing connects the base to the bust. A separate, hand carved logo from the show completes the piece. Possibly the best part of the Sleestak bust is that it comes with its own soundtrack, featuring the hissing noise that used to scare us so well! There is a button in the back of the bust to activate this fun feature.

No amount of detail was spared with the Sleestak bust, which is something that I find Chuck Jarman does a lot with his creature creations. He truly goes out of his way to make what you receive really special. The best place to see what he is currently offering is by visiting his Little Shop of Horrors Etsy store. For what you are getting, his prices are more than reasonable. I would recommend checking out his store often as he regularly adds new pieces and they often sell out very quickly.

~David Albaugh

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