BASEMENT BOOKSHELF: “Roswell: The After-Action Report” by Greg Lawson

Having had a lifelong interest in UFOs, the story of Roswell has been one that has fascinated me more than any other since finding out about it. Over the years so many books have been released on the topic and though they differ in quality, research and opinions, most do bring information to the table that really makes you think. Roswell: The After-Action Report by Greg Lawson is definitely one of these books.

Though the information presented in this book is not new, how it is presented by author Greg Lawson is. Lawson is a writer, researcher, and a career law enforcement officer. As such he is trained on how to question witnesses properly. He also has a military background, that helps him tackle this subject from a new point of view.

Regardless of what you feel about the Roswell incident, the fact is that something did happen and that the government has lied to us from day one. Why put out a press release that we had a flying saucer only to retract it soon after saying it was a weather balloon. The military personnel involved in the recovery were all fully trained in what weather balloons looked like. Then we were told it was a top secret project called Mogul and then that they were testing crash-test dummies, even though these figures were not created until two years later.

What Greg Lawson is able to do in “Roswell: The After-Action Report,” is show how actual interviews should be conducted by investigators, showing clearly that these methods were avoided. By using threats or leading the people being interviewed, the government was able to influence witnesses into saying what they want them to say.

“Roswell: The After-Action Report” is highly recommended. It is well-written and a fast read and it is nice to see the angle Greg Lawson pursues. When a books makes you think about a topic in ways you hadn’t before, to me it is a success. If you are interested in this subject as much as I am, then this is a must-have book for your UFO library.

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~David Albaugh

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