BASEMENT BOOKSHELF: “The United States of Cryptids: A Tour of American Myths and Monsters” by J.W. Ocker

I have been a fan of author J.W. Ocker ever since reading his 2010 book, “The New England Grimpendium: A Guide to Macabre and Ghastly Sites.” In each of Ocker’s books he presents interesting topics, and he has a great way of presenting them to the reader. I have also been interested in cryptids since I was in elementary school so when I found out that the author was writing a book on this topic, I pre-ordered it immediately.

“The United States of Cryptids” is beautifully put together. The hard cover is creative, and the pages are of a higher quality than one would expect for a book of this price. I already own many books on cryptozoology but fell in love with this edition instantly.

The book is broken down by region and then further broken down by cryptids seen in that region. Each species features type, location, earliest sighting, notable features, and size. Then a decent history of each cryptid is presented not only matter-of-factly but with an entertaining twist for which J.W. Ocker is known for.

The artwork, by Derek Quinlan, is quirky and fun while at the same time showing a good representation of the reported cryptids. This book very much reads like a field guide, adding to the believability in my opinion of all reported sightings. This is a must-have-book for all fans of cryptozoology and the bizarre.

Though this book is of a field guide size, it would still make a great coffee table book. I guarantee all guests will pick it up and flip through it, perhaps creating some interesting conversations for the evening. If you’re a fan of these topics like I am, then all of J.W. Ocker’s books are must-haves in your library.

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