THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: Trick R Treat Light-Up Sitting Sam Doll by Spirit Halloween

Without a doubt, one of the greatest Halloween movies ever released is the 2007 film TRICK ‘R TREAT, written and directed by Michael Dougherty. This film quickly reached cult classic status and is now an annual viewing by most people every October. There is also no shortage of collectibles available, all based on Sam, the guardian of all of the rules of Halloween.

Though I think that props from Spirit Halloween vary in quality with every release, it does seem that their TRICK ‘R TREAT offerings are consistently worth the money. One of my favorites is the 2022 release of the Light Up Sitting Sam Doll. It seems as though this figure was hard to find in stores, it was readily available online, which is where I got mine. I actually only knew of this item from someone who gave it a great review on one of the many Halloween groups on Facebook.

First off, it comes in a beautiful display box, perfect for storage after October 31. Sam is 30″ tall and features a sound-activated lit pumpkin that plays actual music and sound effects from the 2007 film. This doll is the perfect prop for any horror movie fan who wants to pay tribute to Sam at Halloween or any time. This prop is also one of the few items offered by Spirit Halloween that features all five-star reviews.

The actual Sam doll looks even better in person than what is shown on the website. The cloth costume is of excellent quality and is screen accurate. The light up pumpkin is also a great touch, making this the perfect Halloween decoration. When you look closely at this, there is no doubt that it is a quality product and worth the money, especially if you are able to use one of Spirit’s 20% off coupons.

The plastic pumpkin, that requires two included AA batteries, is held in place by Velcro on both of Sam’s hands as well as his chest. The Velcro is the only real complaint I have as the hands do not stick to the pumpkin as good as I would’ve liked. If you pick up Sam, chances are the pumpkin will disconnect and possibly fall. Otherwise, in my opinion, this Sam doll is a perfect addition to any TRICK ‘R TREAT collection!

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~David Albaugh

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