THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: Trick ‘R Treat Light-Up Unmasked Sam Statue by Spirit Halloween

This entry will complete the trilogy of highly recommended Sam collectibles from the 2007 film TRICK ‘R TREAT. Spirit Halloween has done it again with their 15″ polyresin Light-Up Unmasked Sam Statue.

This beautiful statue continues Spirit’s quality TRICK ‘R TREAT releases. This is a must-have collectible and will be out year-round at my house. The sculpture is detailed, and the painting is beautiful, perfectly representative of the Sam character.

Add some demonic terror to your haunted house with this Light-Up LED Unmasked Sam Statue! This officially licensed statue features everybody’s favorite Halloween icon, Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, holding a jack-o-lantern and smiling with his mask removed. This statue is a perfect choice for any fan of Trick ‘r Treat!

The iconic jack-o-lantern is held by Sam and lights up courtesy of three LR44 batteries, not included. As with the other releases, it looks much better in person than in the photos on the website. I cannot recommend this statue enough!

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~David Albaugh

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