Are you ready to confront your…INNER CHILD?!?

I am so excited to announce the production INNER CHILD, an upcoming thriller-horror feature film. In the film, a college girl who is plagued by night terrors and visions of a dark figure starts sessions with a psychologist in an attempt to overcome the childhood abuse she believes is behind these troubling experiences.

From the mind of writer and director Natalie Rodriguez, this film promises to be one to look forward to, and you can be a part of it! The crowdfunding campaign, via Indiegogo, starts today! To be a part of this, and we hope you will, please visit the INNER CHILD website! All of the information you will need will be there! Visit their INDIEGOGO page to help make this film a reality. There are some great incentives too!

You can also follow the movie on both Facebook and Instagram!

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