BACK IN STOCK! The Faceless Clown from Lord Grimley’s Manor

During the 2022 Halloween season, this fun, yet creepy, mask was my best seller and sold out fast. Now is your time to get it again as it is back in stock. This is sure to sell out again this season so don’t miss out!

Born with facial disfigurements, this clown has no name and no discernable face. Forced to steal the face of his last victim his movements thus far, have been almost impossible to trace. He has been seen on the manor grounds from time to time, and generally strikes at the mindless zombies roaming the property .. stealing their faces , and forcing their soulless bodies to walk amongst the corn. Creating horrible and twisted shadows in his wake.

This is a half mask with an elastic strap for a comfortable fit.

To get your own copy, just visit the BASEMENT OF THE BIZARRE ETSY STORE!

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