A New Album This Fall from Midnight Syndicate!

We are excited to announce that our brand new album, The Brimstone Club, will be released on August 18th!

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What can we tell our amazing Legions members about this new album? We’ll start with description you’ll come across on the traycard of the CD version:

The Brimstone Club is legendary in clandestine circles. Its strange and exotic entertainment (and libations) are matched only by its peculiar clientele. Will you pass beyond the curtain to discover what sinister secrets may lie within?

Here’s a look at the artwork by Pascal Casolari.

The inspiration for The Brimstone Club album came from the Cabaret de L’Enfer of Paris, France. Cabaret de L’Enfer was a 19th century Dante’s Inferno/hell-themed cabaret that was a forerunner of the haunted attractions and themed restaurants and taverns we love today. Below is one of the few pictures we have of the interior at the Cabaret de L’Enfer.

With Halloween just around the corner, this album will be a must have addition to your Halloween soundtrack!

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