Are you ready for…CTHULHU AWAKENS?

Cthulhu Awakens is a mobile-first, mid-core match-3 RPG, mystery game based on the renowned Cthulhu mythology. Crafted to enthrall enthusiasts of horror, puzzles, storytelling, and role-playing progression, the game takes place in the gritty 1920s. The game has web2 (Free-to-Play) and web3 (Digital Collectable) components.

At its core, Cthulhu Awakens stands on three pillars of design:

  1. Match-3 Puzzle: The core combat is handled through a simple yet addictive puzzle mechanic. A seemingly “casual” approach harbors astounding depth, with near-endless permutations of color dynamics, Enemy Abilities, Agent Abilities, powerups, combinations, blockers, and Summon mechanics.
  2. RPG: You control a shadowy organization that recruits characters, known as “Agents,” to combat the evil forces of Cthulhu. As you progress, you will build a base of operations and improve your Agents’ Abilities (oh, and keep them from the ever-present threat of Insanity!) As you play, Agents will find Artifacts, research monsters, gain levels and improve weaponry.
  3. Gripping Epic Tale: An expansive narrative of unimaginable complexity sees you adventure from Egypt to London and beyond, as the TRUE situation unfolds before you. Learn clues and piece together bits of information from occultists to corrupt politicians as you slowly learn the horrible truth of the cosmic madness that threatens to envelop the whole globe!

Further aspects of Cthulhu Awakens include:

  • Rooted in the mesmerizing HP Lovecraft universe of cosmic horror, our writers have plumbed the depths of Cthulhu lore. We respect and honor the source material while embracing the creative possibilities to expand upon it.
  • Seamlessly transitioning from mobile to PC, the game welcomes diverse platforms.
  • Embracing both traditional F2P and blockchain/web3 economies, catering to a wide spectrum of players’ preferences.
  • Aimed at the “mid-core” audience, the game marries the strategic essence of match-3 puzzles with immersive RPG elements. The game embodies the ancient phrase “a second to learn, a lifetime to master”.
  • Starting in the 1920s, embark on 3D combat escapades as you build teams of “Agents” who must battle against hundreds of distinct cultists, creatures, and cosmic beings.
  • An immersive, narrative-rich single-player journey awaits, promising profound engagement, twisted stories, unreliable narrators, and constant surprises.
  • Delve into multiplayer realms, including PvP interactions centered around constant Tournaments (with prizes).
  • Massive emphasis on community (CaaS), with tons of ‘meta’ activities for players to engage directly with each other.
  • Transmedia – the project has a comic book and short film under development which will have clues and story tie-ins to the game.

With a perfect blend of an addictive puzzle mechanic, RPG elements, and a captivating narrative woven into the tapestry of HP Lovecraft’s universe, Cthulhu Awakens aspires to redefine its genre. We eagerly await our players’ foray into this unparalleled experience, certain that it will set a new benchmark in cosmic horror.

If you are into horror video games, you really want to try Cthulhu Awakens. Tell them that David’s Basement of the Bizarre sent you!

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