Five Scariest/Sexiest Horror Characters As Picked By The Girls Of Rick’s Cabaret

With their annual Halloween Party beginning October 24th and running right up to the scariest night of the year, the girls of Rick’s Cabaret New York are in a good-natured, frightening frame of mind (which doesn’t stop them from stripping, of course). And this year, as it has been for many Octobers at the NASDAQ listed mid-Manhattan gentleman’s club, the girls of Rick’s have been talking about their favorite scariest (which in many cases means their sexiest) Halloween movie characters.

Here then are the 5 Scariest/Sexiest Horror Characters As Picked By The Girls Of Rick’s Cabaret.

“Yeah, I know he’s all burned up and really creepy, but Freddy Krueger has always gotten to me,” dancer Kelly admits. “I think about those sharp metallic fingers touching me….wow!”

“Count Dracula has always done it for me, no matter from what era or who plays him,” Rick’s girl Vanessa says. “All that neck biting, yum!”

“Ok, I know she’s a doll and all,” Tanya begins. “But Tiffany, ya know Chucky’s main squeeze, is one bad babe. And Jennifer Tilly was so sexy as the human version.”

“Sometimes, you don’t want a guy to say anything, just kinda go for it, ya know?” Rick’s dancer Miranda speculates. “So, even though, yeah, they are technically killers, a guy like Michael Myers or even Jason from Friday the 13th are kinda, the sexy silent type.”

Lastly, Kelly adds “I really love me some Christian Bale. So, whether he is playing Batman or that wacky American Psycho, I am down. And his body in that movie…off-the-hook!”

It’ll prove to certainly be a fun week of All Hallow’s celebrating in mid-Manhattan at Rick’s, with drink specials and an entertainer costume contest on the 31st . But then again, it is always a good time at the tri-level club, populated with girls like Tanya, Mindy and all the rest of the 100+ entertainers who have made Rick’s famous.

Rick’s Cabaret New York is located at 50 West 33rd Street, one block from Madison Square Garden, in New York City.

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