Rick’s Girls Pick Their Five Favorite Bad Ass Comic Book Movie Babes

The sequel to Captain MarvelThe Marvels, has just arrived for some pre-turkey comic book
movie fun. Featuring, as it does, a score of female superheroes, the girls of Rick’s Cabaret New
York, pretty much all sporting their own killer superhero-like bods, weighed in on five of their
current favorite bad-ass comic movie babes.

“I loved Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther; man, was he hot,” dancer Vanessa says. “But
when Princess Shuri took over for him, and she was so kick-ass, for me, it really was ‘Wakanda

“I like Captain Marvel,” Miranda says. “The suit, her attitude; everything about her is really

“I never read a comic in my life, but I got hooked on all these movies the second I saw how hot
Scarlett Johansson looked in her Black Widow costume,” Rick’s girl Kelly admits. “I could
imagine stripping out of that outfit every night!”

“Every lady I know went to go see Aquaman because of Jason Momoa, right?” dancer Kelly
says. “But I really loved Queen Mera, played by Amber Heard. Even underwater, that lady

“For me, it’s got to be classic Wonder Woman,” Natalia says. “Whether it’s Linda Carter, who
my mom watched back in the day, or Gal Gadot. She is the ultimate warrior babe…and so
smokin’ hot.”

“Ok, she’s a villain, most of the time,” dancer Bree says. “But Harley Quinn is it for me. The
wild makeup, the sparkly tight shorts, the bat…what a wild chick she is. I love her!”

One can find these Rick’s ladies and over 100 more nightly down at the tri-level Rick’s Cabaret
New York
, located at 50 W 33 rd Street, one block from Madison Square Garden in New York
City. They are certainly the superheroes of Rick’s guests every day of the week.

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