THE BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW: “Hysteria 51” with Brent Hand and John Goforth

Welcome to another edition of my BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW series. For this one I am covering HYSTERIA 51, one of the best names for a podcast ever! While trying out a variety of different podcasts on the subject of UFOs and the paranormal, we came across this one and quickly subscribed.

Hosted by John Goforth and Brent Hand, this show covers so many topics that I love to read and listen about. Though many topics may be covered on other podcasts, I love to see the HYSTERIA 51 take on all of them. John tends to be the skeptic with Brent believing more often then not, though both are quick to call something fake when it obviously is. They do not believe just to believe or debunk just to debunk; they look at the evidence and make their own decision, all the while making their audience laugh out loud.

Brent and John.
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