Davids Basement of the Bizarre

HOME DEPOT HALLOWEEN…Back with a Vengeance

While many retail outlets are celebrating Christmas in July, Halloween fans are readying themselves for the 2021 Halloween season. 2020 was a difficult year for yard haunters because of Covid, … Read More

THE BASEMENT BOOK SHELF: “Vintage Hallowe’en by Robert S. Pandis and Heidi Pandis

The surprise book of the year for me came about on a recent visit to Salem, Massachusetts. While there we visited The Halloween Museum and their wonderful gift shop. This … Read More

THE BASEMENT BOOKSHELF: “Remember The Future: The Distortions Unlimited Story” by Lee Lambert

In 2015, Lee Lambert released a labor-of-love book on one of the greatest Halloween mask studios of all time, Don Post Studios. The book was huge, was very well received … Read More

THE HALLOWEEN BOOMBOX: Seasonal Music To Die For Part 1

As you get to know me and this site, you will learn that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Though Christmas and gift giving/receiving is fun, nothing equals the feeling of … Read More

FILM BOOK OF FEAR: The Thing From Another World! (1951)

If you grew up in the 1950’s then you were a first-hand witness to probably the greatest decade of monster movies ever produced. It was during this ten-year period that … Read More