THIS SATURDAY ON SVENGOOLIE (November 25, 2023): House on Haunted Hill (1959)

This Saturday on Svengoolie is the 1959 Vincent Price classic, THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Price plays an eccentric millionaire, Frederick Loren, who, along with his wife Annabelle, has invited five people … Read More

William Castle: Master of Macabre Marketing and Movie Magic

William Castle, born William Schloss Jr. on April 24, 1914, in New York City, was a prolific and innovative filmmaker whose contributions to the world of cinema left an indelible … Read More

THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: Must Watch Movies for the Halloween Season

There are so many facets to the Halloween season. There’s decorating, picking out and wearing costumes, listening to spooky music and of course there’s trick-or-treating. Another big part of the … Read More