MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: The Blue Banshee by Trick Or Treat Studios

Catalog photo of the Blue Banshee.

If you are a regular reader of the Basement of the Bizarre, then you know how much I loved growing up in the 1970s. There were just so many things to love as a kid, especially a kid with interests that most kids didn’t share. I loved monsters, comic books and collecting insects. Comic books were a huge part of growing up and one thing that I loved as much as the stories were the ads from companies such as the Johnson Smith, Co., Honor House and of course, the Gayle House. Gayle House was best known for their ad to invite your friends over for a haunting, thanks to a record with scary sound effects.

Original Gayle House ad.

The ad always featured the drawn image of a scary monster which drew your attention every time you turned the page. This record was my first sound effects record which probably helped develop my lifelong love of Halloween and haunted houses. The image of the banshee was so iconic, and such a fond memory of my childhood, and when Trick or Treat Studios added it to their mask lineup, I knew it was a mask I wanted for my collection.

The mask, sculpted by artist Pete Infelise, perfectly captures the fun of the original drawing. On the one hand it has a creepy look but on the other, it is fun at the same time. This is one of those masks, if used in a haunted house, would be perfect for younger audiences. Scary but not too scary.

Actual mask received.

As is the norm with Trick or Treat Studios, the mask arrived looking just as good as the catalog photo. The sculpture is wonderful, showing very subtle details especially in the skin texture. The yellow eyes with red pupils are a wonderful contrast to the blue skin.


The mask is actually a half mask but features a creepy black hood that fits nicely on your head so wearing it is very comfortable. The latex pour is of a nice thickness and overall, the quality of this mask is excellent.


The only thing I did notice with my copy is that it is not as symmetrical as the catalog photo, thanks to being flattened in shipping. My copy definitely needs a little work with a hot hair dryer to regain the look that the prototype has. Thankfully it is an easy fix.

Scan_20150719 (22)

To order your own copy of the Blue Banshee, just go to the Trick Or Treat Studios website by going HERE. This, and so many others of their masks, are such great additions to every mask collection. It’s nice to be able to buy with confidence that what you see is what you will get!

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~David Albaugh

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