MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Ugly Rumor by Trick Or Treat Studios


Welcome to my latest Monstrous Mask Review. Once again Trick Or Treat Studios is represented with another of their fine creations. The only downside of this review is that this mask is no longer available directly from Trick Or Treat Studios, though it can be found from other mask distributors who have unsold inventory and it shows up from time to time on eBay and on Amazon.

Original catalog picture that I felt looked a lot different than production copies.

Sculpted by artist Kelly Mann, Ugly Rumor (or Ugly Roomer as the name appears on the tag and sculpted into the back of the mask) was inspired by the hitchhiking ghosts on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney. What is interesting about this mask is that I would’ve never purchased it based on the original catalog photo. To me this image seemed off and looked almost photo-shopped. It wasn’t until a photo of the actual mask they were selling was used that I liked it enough to buy.


Though I always loved the Haunted Mansion, this mask reminded me of something else from my past which was the real reason I wanted to add it to my collection. Though I never owned it, one of my favorite covers to Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was issue 40, that featured an image that I felt was very similar to Ugly Rumor. The image, with its black background, was just so powerful to me and I felt that this mask, in similar lighting, could have the same impact.

This mask was not a disappointment when it arrived. The sculpture, though detailed, features subtle painting that adds to the creep-out factor. Because there is some decent detail, these show up wonderfully in darkened lighting. It is a beautiful ghostly blue in color and the yellow eye, edged in red is a startling contrast.

Original ad from Trick or Treat Studios. I wonder if any were sold with this paint job?

The latex is of a nice thickness and the hairwork is a great touch. It is not a full head of hair but sparse patches that is very effective. If you are a yard haunter this would look great in some dark area where there is just enough light on the mask for it to be seen.


This mask is also the perfect size with great visibility and breathing in case you want to wear it to freak out your neighbors. If you can find a copy, I highly recommend it, whether you are a fan of the Haunted Mansion, love the Famous Monsters cover like I do or if you just like masks with a lot of character, this mask will look great in every collection.

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~David Albaugh

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