MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Alien Dead 2.1 by Death Studios


Welcome to another edition of Monstrous Mask Reviews. This time I am reviewing a mask from Death Studios, a company that has been in business for as long as I can remember. Death Studios has always been known for their quality, both in super-thick latex and paint jobs that look so good, you believe they sent you the mask used in the catalog photo.

I have been a fan of Death Studios since the 1980s, when I first ordered from them, and I have never been disappointed by anything that I received. Jeff Death, the owner, makes every mask by himself from casting to airbrushing. He is fantastic at making sure his customers are satisfied.

The actual mask I received. You can even see me reflected in the eyes taking the picture!

The subject of UFOs and aliens have always fascinated me, especially the story of the crash at Roswell. Because of this I have always been drawn to masks portraying these aliens. Coming from Death Studios I knew it was going to be good but when it arrived, it was even better than I could’ve hoped.

First off, let me talk about the packing. Jeff ships his masks in a plastic bag and in a sturdy box. Other companies sometimes ship in mailing envelopes that can cause masks to distort in shipping. Shipping in a box allows the mask to maintain its intended shape (though to be honest, his latex pours are so thick that I doubt that he could even fit one in a shipping envelope if he wanted to).


Right away I knew the mask was amazing, even looking at it through the bag! The weight told me the pour was thick and it was evident that this mask looked as good as the picture used on the Death Studios website. After removing it from its bag I just could not stop looking at it.

In my opinion no mask company does black eyes like Death Studios does. The black is very deep and so much gloss is put onto them that it’s like looking into the eyes of a living being. There are three versions of this mask available and though they all look amazing, the 2.1 version is my favorite.


The sculpture, by artist Casey Love, is wonderful. The details in both the skin texture and the wrinkles add so much life and character to the sculpt. The raw-looking sections of the skin looks so realistic that you expect to have red on your fingers after touching it.


As with most masks that I have purchased from Death Studios, I got this one untrimmed. What that means is that there are no eyes or breathing holes. I do this knowing that there is no intention of wearing the mask, having it for display purposes only. One of the things I love about Death Studios is that they offer this choice as most companies do not.


Jeff understands his customers’ needs and by producing each and every mask by himself, he can assure quality to be consistent. He takes his reputation seriously and customer satisfaction is his obvious goal at all times. To order ALIEN DEAD 2.1 just go to HERE (and while you’re there, look around at all of his other offerings).

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~David Albaugh

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