MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Fang Face Version 2 by Trick or Treat Studios


Stock catalog photo from the Trick or Treat Studios website.

I started collecting masks in 1984, after receiving various mask catalogs in the mail. One of the companies that always stood out to me was Be Something Studios. I loved their designs and every mask I bought looked as good as they did in the catalog photos. The detailing was second to none and many featured a high quality plush hood to accentuate the design. Many of their masks were sculpted by Bill Ystrom and he would always sculpt the letters BYBY into the backs of his creations.

Another thing Be Something Studios was known for was having incredible undercuts in their designs, many of which must have been a nightmare to get out of the molds. These masks are also incredibly comfortable to wear with excellent vision holes, often incorporating your own eyes into the design, and with great ventilation for breathing.

Original Fang Face mask by Be Something Studios.

One of the first masks I ever bought was Be Something Studios’ Fang Face and it was one of my favorites. Since I was doing a yard haunt, with many people who had little experience wearing latex masks, Fang Face and others in the Be Something Studios catalog were perfect. Though Be Something Studios, now known as Zagone Studios, still sells the Fang Face masks, Trick or Treat Studios is now selling all three as well!

My copy of this mask, showing how close it looks to the original.

When Trick or Treat Studios started selling the old Be Something Studios designs, I immediately purchased Fang Face version 2, originally sculpted in 1977. Though still very similar in the look of the original two (brown and green), this one features more detailed skin and a squared off jaw. Missing from this piece is the plush hood. This version features a black, thinner hood. Keep in mind though that the version sold through Zagone has the same kind of thin hood.


This mask, in my opinion, should be in everyone’s collection. First off, it is an absolute classic in design and presentation. Second, if you have been into masks since the 80s like I have, then this mask, or any of the Fang Face designs, will be very nostalgic.

Side view showing what Be Something Studios was known for, deep undercuts especially with the nose and teeth.

I love what Trick or Treat Studios is doing, by offering masks by other companies that are either out of business or perhaps no longer offering these designs. In addition to releasing masks by Zagone Studios, they also feature representatives from Don Post Studios, Distortions Unlimited and Death Studios. Trick or Treat Studios is keeping the magic alive by not only releasing their own incredible designs, but are showing complete respect to the companies many of us grew up on.

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~David Albaugh

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