MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Mars Attacks Soldier Martian by Trick ‘R Treat Studios


I have always been a fan of the big-brained aliens. There is just something about a creature from outer space who have their brains on the outside. For me, my all time favorite design was that by Paul Blaisdell in the 1957 movie INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN. My second favorite design is that of the martians from the trading cards from 1962 and the Tim Burton film from 1996.

Catalog picture of this amazing mask.

Trick ‘R Treat Studios released two masks from MARS ATTACKS, the Drone Martian and the Soldier Martian. The Drone Martian is based on the trading cards whereas the Soldier Martian seems to be based on the movie version (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). When I saw the Soldier Martian for the first time I knew I had to have it.

The mask I received.

As with past Trick ‘R Treat Studios mask reviews, the actual mask you receive looks as great as the catalog or website photos. When I first opened the box and saw this face looking out at me I knew that Trick ‘R Treat Studios did it again!


The sculpt by Neal Kennemore is amazing, with so much detail from the wrinkles in the brain to the skin on the neck. I always loved this design because the face is skull-like and the eyes truly look angry.

This closeup shows how detailed even the skin is.

The paint job is awesome too, with so many different colors used. Some colors gradually blend into the next color whereas others, like on the forehead, are completely different from the surrounding areas. The contrasting yellows and greens around the eyes really make them pop.


To say this mask is big is an understatement. It measures about eighteen inches from the bottom of the neck to the top of the head! The inside of the head is also lined is soft foam to help in the wearing of this mask. The latex pour is also thick, which helps a lot with supporting the brain part. It is obvious that a lot of work went into this mask and it is well worth the price, especially with what you are getting!

IMG_0266 (2)

It’s nice to see Trick ‘R Treat Studios taking a chance with an oversized mask and making it affordable. I would love to see them get the licensing to some of Blaisdell’s work as there are so many different things they could do (for example, the Saucer-Men mask and disembodied hand, the flying bat creatures from IT CONQUERED THE WORLD and the alien from IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE). To order your own copy of the Mars Attacks Soldier Martian, just click HERE!

The mask I received.

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~David Albaugh

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