MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: The Monitor by Trick or Treat Studios

One thing I have always been a fan of is the big-brained alien creatures from the movies, such as INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN from 1957. In fact I like them so much, I wrote a whole blog on them (seen HERE). The subject of this blog, The Monitor from Trick or Treat Studios, falls in this category.

Website photo of The Monitor.

This mask made its debut during the 2020 season and was sculpted by artist Chris Williams. Though the design in some ways reminds me of the Saucer-Men, there are also hints of it being insectoid as well, especially in the mouth area. Each year I treat myself to a new mask during the Halloween season and for 2020 it was this one.

I had been monitoring this mask ever since it showed up in both the catalog and the website. For some reason though, I was hesitant to make the purchase. During this year’s visit to Salem, MA though, it all changed. I was visiting Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery and they had this mask in their amazing giftshop. I was sold.

This is a very large mask and well-worth the price for what you are getting. There are foam inserts inside to help with the fit which is a nice touch. Up close, the paint job looks at least as good as the catalog pictures which is always nice! It’s a nice thick pour with decent vision and breathing holes as well. Overall, it’s a great mask for the price and I cannot recommend it enough. The design is original and yet reminds me of some of the great aliens from the 1950s, of which I am a huge fan.

If you would like to order this mask for yourself, just go to the Trick or Treat Studios website by clicking HERE. Make sure to check out my other entries in my MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS series.

~David Albaugh

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