You do not have to be a flying saucer fanatic to know the word Roswell and what happened there in 1947. If you have been under a rock and unaware of the story, to put it simply, there is overwhelming proof that an alien space craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. Left behind was a gigantic debris field and three alien bodies, all about three to four feet tall, and one was still alive. As soon as it was announced that we had captured a disc, the story was changed saying that it was actually a weather balloon, despite the fact that the military that went to the crash had years of experience with weather balloons and still said it was an alien craft. This has been one of the longest covered-up secrets in United States history and considering that all files of the case were “accidentally” incinerated, it is doubtful that we will ever know the truth; until now.

There are countless books on the subject and what cannot be denied, is that it is a fascinating story with more proof for than against. The debris field was meticulously cleaned up with military staff walking side-by-side up and down the area picking up every piece of metal in sight. There was actually so much debris that farm animals would not cross it. No weather balloon in history could leave that much. The dead aliens were put on dry ice, in coffins made for children, and the lone live one was brought to a top secret location. Since 1947, the military has changed their story of “what really happened” at least six times, to explain off any new proof that was discovered. Though it has been widely reported that there were three aliens, it was recently discovered that there were actually four.

This story was broke in the spring of 2020 and immediately covered up, perhaps made easier by all of the coverage of Covid-19 worldwide. Three boys were out exploring not far from where the original crash occurred. Despite the military’s complete cleansing of the area, they apparently overlooked the entrance to a cave that was hidden from view due to excessive overgrowth. In fact, the only reason the children found it was because a recent storm had come through and blown down much of the overgrowth hiding the entrance.

As boys will be boys, they entered the cave to explore. The further they went in, the darker it got until eventually they could not see their hands in front of their faces. They started to scare each other with tales of ghosts and zombies and all three decided to hightail it out of there. The next day though they returned, all with flashlights, ready to go as deep into the darkness as they could.

It wasn’t long before the three boys started to scare each other again, despite being able to see very well in the cave with the three flashlights. The air actually started to get cold and it was very dry. Though there was evidence of animals having been in the cave, it was obvious it had not been explored by humans, at least not for a very long time. There was no graffiti, remnants of fires, or beer cans, as teenagers tend to leave behind while partying in secret. In fact, this cave felt as though it had remained unchanged since prehistoric times.

After about twenty minutes of going further into the cave, they came to a Y. Initially they decided to split into two teams, each going one way but since there would be two on one team and one on the other, the single boy had no interest in exploring alone. They decided mutually then that it would be safer if the three of them stayed together.

They took the path on the left and walked for about ten minutes when it ended in a small, room-like cavity. Lying on the floor, along the back wall was a small body, about three-feet long. It looked like the body of a child. Immediately one of the three screamed, scaring the other two. After they got over the initial shock, they moved closer. They started to notice some differences from this body and what a child looks like.

The eyes were elongated slits with a head that was enlarged. The nose and mouth resembled that of a human and teeth were evident. On the hands were three fingers and one thumb. There also appeared to be a rib cage and the feet were smaller than usual. The body seemed like it had been mummified, perhaps from the cold and dry temperatures that far into the cave. What surprised them was that despite the evidence of animals being in this cave, none tried scavenging off of the body.

The three excited boys then ran back home to their parents and tell them their story. Though it took some coaxing the fathers followed the boys back to the cave and were shocked at what they found. They knew that the boys had found something unbelievable. They immediately called the authorities, which included the military once again. The body was removed from the cave and one of the fathers were able to take some pictures while no one was looking. The corpse was put in a body bag and carted away. To where we can only guess. I am sure it will be explained off as a crash-test dummy or something similar when more people start discovering the truth. It looks like the military did it again…but for how long?

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~David Albaugh

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