MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE: New music video for “Goons & Greasepaint” featuring previously-unreleased concert footage

Midnight Syndicate has released a new music video for Goons and Greasepaint from Carnival Arcane. Produced by Noctem Aeternus music video director, Dave Lyon, the music video also features previously-unreleased concert footage from, Midnight Live! Legacy of Shadows! Watch the video on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to the Midnight Syndicate YouTube Channel!

New Parlormuse album featuring authentic, Victorian-era Halloween songs

Catch a rare glimpse into the Victorian Otherworld this Halloween with the new full-length Parlormuse album, Grinning at the Daisy Roots. Featuring entirely AUTHENTIC PERIOD SONGS, the release’s eleven tracks explore themes of ghostly lore, love and loss in a uniquely dual-natured fashion that is at times darkly brooding and at others whimsical and celebratory.

A track-by-track behind the scenes featurette is currently in production and slated for release in early November, along with music videos and more. For that and more information on Gavin Goszka’s Victorian music side project, visit the official Parlomuse website!

Happy Halloween!

We have SO many exciting things that we are working on for you in 2021! From us and ours to you and yours, we hope you have a safe, healthy, and fun Halloween!

Ed and Gavin
Midnight Syndicate

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