2020 has been a year to forget and for most, cannot end quick enough. It’s one of those years where everything is going wrong. Republicans and Democrats are fighting constantly, sometimes even violently. A pandemic that was supposedly under control is on the rise again. Many people are out of work, wondering how they are going to make ends meet. Businesses are closing down at an alarming rate. There is no way that anyone can stand back and say that this year was a good one.

Despite all of this, I want to remind everyone of what is important. Loving your families, friends and fellow human beings, regardless of your race or political association. Be kind to one another; there has never been a time when this is more important than now. Spend time the best you can with family and friends, of course observing all social distancing suggestions. And lastly, appreciate the little things, as for many, this is all that they have.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and this year it has been turned upside down. Many places have cancelled it all together whereas others are suggesting things to do besides trick or treating. Though Halloween may not seem to be that important to some adults, I assure you that it is important to the kids. In fact, some of my fondest memories as a child were from Halloween. Do whatever you can to celebrate this holiday with your children. Kids need to be kids, regardless of what is going on around them. Make sure they have a great time and they will also have very fond memories when they are adults.

~David Albaugh

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