THE BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW: “Somewhere in the Skies” with Ryan Sprague

With so many podcasts out there about UFOs, it’s difficult at times to find one that is respectful and of a great quality. There are many where the hosts are disrespectful to their guests and make a joke of everything. Even though this topic is seen by some as ridiculous, there are enough intriguing cases out there making it a subject worthy of further study. Thankfully there are podcasts like SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES.

I have been fascinated by UFOs since I was in probably the second or third grade. I would often take out the books on the subject from the school library. Back then you would literally have to write your name on a card in the back of the book and oftentimes, my name was the only one on there, sometimes multiple times! To this day, I still read everything I can on the subject and I was very excited to discover this podcast.

Ryan Sprague.

Ryan Sprague is a lead investigator and co-host of the CW television series, Mysteries Decoded and is also a regular on the Travel Channel series, Mysteries at the Museum. He is the author of Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon and is also the creator and host of the SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES podcast. His UFO research finds him interviewing witnesses in all walks of life about UFO sightings and claimed close encounters. He’s interviewed military and intelligence officials directly on UFOs, writing for such news sites as Open Minds MagazineRogue Planet, and Medium. Speaking on the UFO topic, he has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, 7News Australia, and the Science Channel. He’s been featured in NewsweekThe NY Post, and VICE. With credits like this to his name, you know he knows what he is talking about.

Ryan has also written an amazing book called “Somewhere In The Skies: A Human Approach to the UFO Phenomenon.” In this updated and expanded second edition, Ryan revisits many, and introduces new stories of those who have seen extraordinary things in our skies and how these incredible events have changed them. While reports of UFOs and close encounters are littered with dates, times, and descriptions, they rarely focus on the people who’ve had the experience. Could both the positive and negative implications, whether subtle or revelatory, further our knowledge of what these phenomena represent? Through detailed testimony from credible witnesses and insight from those in the psychological, academic, and scientific fields, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to the UFO Phenomenon weaves together a story of stories, attempting to get to the heart of these mysteries one experience at a time.

Ryan was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me. Knowing what goes into making podcast, plus add all of the other projects Ryan works on, I am very appreciative that he did this!

David: Growing up, were you always interested in UFOs? What drew you to the subject?

Ryan: I had a UFO sighting in Central New York over the Saint Lawrence River when I was twelve-years old with my father. It absolutely terrified me, and I embraced it and started looking into the UFO topic. At age 13, I interviewed my first UFO witness, a Vietnam veteran who had a UFO sighting during war-time over the Pacific Ocean. From there, I knew I wanted to continue finding more people who had UFO sightings and hear and record their stories. The mystery has always and continues to be my driving force. The “not knowing” and the journey is just as rewarding to me as trying to find answers.

David: What inspired you to do the SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES podcast?

Ryan: In 2016, I came out with my first book, Somewhere in the Skies, where I brought dozens of new UFO cases to the public, some for the very first time. But I could only include so much, so I decided to continue telling these people’s stories in podcast form, while also inviting researchers and every day people to come on and discuss UFOs. It was a huge learning process for me not only with UFOs, but how to create and produce a podcast from the ground-up. To this day, I still do everything myself for the show. I absolutely love it. 

David: With the stories you cover, is there one that stands out as being 100% believable to you? If yes, why?

Ryan: I can’t think of just one that I 100% believe, because at the end of the day, I was not present with these events that occurred to these people. Having said that, every case I cover in my 2016 and 2020 books, I firmly believe that those I interviewed believe the accounts they told me as being authentic and genuine. What actually happened to them, we may never know. But it changed their lives, and that speaks to me most.

David: What do you believe UFOs, or UAPs, are?

Ryan: I think the more appropriate question is what DON’T I believe!? UFOs/UAPs represent the most wide array of phenomena we can possibly think of. While many always go to the extraterrestrial explanation, which is extremely viable, I personally feel we are dealing with a multi-faceted string theory of paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, time-and-space bending phenomena, including a global opening of consciousness somehow. These phenomena are vast, rebellious, and don’t give a damn what our government’s or institutions think of them.

David: Do you think we will find out the truth in our lifetime?

Ryan: I think we will find some truths. It is a deeply personal experience. And I think each individual who has a brush with these phenomena has their own disclosures. Maybe once enough people on the planet have that experience, and can find compassion, we will be invited to the adult table and be granted access to revelations we can only dream of. 

David: Out of all of the stories out there, which one do you never get tired of?

Ryan: The 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe encounter is the one case where I simply can’t deny that we have been visited by something truly “alien”, in every sense of the word. Over 100 students and teachers witnessed an unknown craft land in their schoolyard and the occupants communicate telepathically with these children. Even decades later, many of the students, two of which I’ve personally interviewed, stick to the story and have been forever changed by it. It’s an incredible event that isn’t as well known as it should be. 

David: Is there one topic that you really want to cover but haven’t been able to yet?

Ryan: There’s a darker aspect to all this that I’ve been hesitant approaching, and that is both animal AND human mutilations. It’s a very scary and visceral aspect that many researchers shy away from. But there’s no denying it happens, and it is a true mystery. I am taking my time researching it so that I can approach it respectfully and in a way that will not exploit these often tragic stories.

David: Are there any podcasts that you listen to regularly?

Ryan: SO MANY. Here we go… Hysteria 51, Paranormal Podcast, Unknown: A UFO Podcast, Our Strange Skies, Bigfoot Collector’s Club, Micah Hanks Program, Mad Scientist Podcast, Euphomet, Into the Fray, That UFO Podcast, I Believe in Humans podcast, Black Vault Radio, Astonishing Legends, Reply All, BBC Global News, The World, Intercepted, We Hate Movies, How Did This Get Made?, WTF with Marc Maron, Nighttime podcast, and Defunctland

David: How long does each episode take to produce?

Ryan: From start to finish, it takes anywhere from 24-48 hours collectively. It is literally a full-time job. From first researching to interviewing, to editing, producing, and all the other small technical aspects, every episode is truly a labor of love and I pour my heart into it. I hope it shows! 

David: What is the process in creating each episode?

Ryan: See above. Add a lot of bourbon, profanity when my computer crashes while editing, throw in a few breaks of watching The Office to numb my brain, and that’s pretty much the process! Seriously though… it’s a lot of time spent alone with headphones on, in front of a screen, trying to make everything as perfect as possible, knowing it will never be perfect. But when the feedback starts coming in and people are talking about the episodes and actually reaching out to me about it, it makes every damn second worth it! 

David: Is there someone you wished you were able to interview that you haven’t?

Ryan: Probably the biggest for me would have to be Jacques Vallee. He is a true pioneer and legend in the UFO field, and every time I think I have cracked the code of his thoughts and theories, he shakes things up. And so does the UFO phenomenon. So to talk UFOs with him would be a bucket-list moment for me. And I can excitedly say that I think I’m getting closer to having him come on. Stay tuned! 

I want to thank Ryan Sprague, not only for his must-read book (to purchase click on image below), but also for his very interesting podcast and for the time he took to share some of his background! You can listen to SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts on.

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~David Albaugh

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