DAVID’S DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: The Phenomenon (2020) by James Fox

I think most of us enjoy documentaries, especially when they are about a subject we are interested in. When it comes to the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials, there are many documentaries to choose from. The problem is, in my opinion when it comes to this subject, most of the documentaries come off as very amateurish, which may cause the viewer to come to the conclusion that the subject is ridiculous.

On the other hand, when a documentary is good, it is usually exceptional! The subject of this review, “The Phenomenon,” is one such documentary. The creator, James Fox, is no stranger to UFO documentaries, having produced some of the very best out there, including “Out of the Blue” and “I Know What I Saw.”

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THE BASEMENT’S PODCAST REVIEW: “Somewhere in the Skies” with Ryan Sprague

With so many podcasts out there about UFOs, it’s difficult at times to find one that is respectful and of a great quality. There are many where the hosts are disrespectful to their guests and make a joke of everything. Even though this topic is seen by some as ridiculous, there are enough intriguing cases out there making it a subject worthy of further study. Thankfully there are podcasts like SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES.

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