Though we are heading into the Christmas season, this huge prop is actually more suited for December than October. When it comes to animatronics, I am not always a fan of those put out by Spirit Halloween. Thankfully they put most of them on display, working, in their stores so that you can see exactly what they do and their quality. More often then not the quality is lacking unfortunately.

Though I got this sight unseen (none of my local Spirit stores had them for sale), it certainly had all positive reviews on their website, which means a lot. People that buy and use these props for their yard haunts are very candid about what they purchase and will not say that something is good without it actually being good. I took a chance, albeit an expensive one.

When it arrived I was actually surprised at how small the box was in comparison to the figure inside. The people that design how these animatronics are packed are geniuses, especially when you consider everything that goes into putting these props together. Even after opening the box and seeing everything inside, I couldn’t believe it was all in there.

I carefully removed all of the parts, especially after reading how fragile the fingernails can be. As I took out the two hands I was really impressed by the level of detail in them. Something else that really impressed was the weight and quality of the costume.

I found this to be very easy to put together and it took me about 45 minutes. Everything fit together nicely, though the horns were a bit of a challenge as the slots you put them into run right against the side of the head. When it was done I was completely blown away by the size and level of detail with the entire piece! It is very intimidating, especially with the right lighting. With the horns it stands 7-1/2 feet tall.

In my opinion, this is the best full-size prop Spirit has offered, especially for overall appearance. As for movement, it only goes back and forth and the eyes light up. I would’ve preferred some movement in the arms as well but I guess you can’t have everything. The soundtrack is directly from the 2015 film and though creepy, would be more effective with something more than a side to side movement. It has an adjustable volume and I love the fact that it is a plug-in prop instead of strictly battery-operated.

I love the pose as is and it looks fantastic in the corner of my living room. If you like the movie KRAMPUS, or just like to have oversized props, then this one is highly recommended. If it is something you plan on using outside keep two things in mind. Protect it from the weather as you definitely do not want to risk ruining the costume by it being out in the rain. It is also kind of top heavy so make sure it is anchored really well as wind will blow this right over.

To order your own KRAMPUS, just click HERE. Don’t forget to check out the other entries in my BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN series.

~David Albaugh

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