MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Shrunken Skull by Be Something Studios

The 1980s were a great time to start collecting Halloween masks. There were so many companies doing great stuff and small mom and pop stores started opening that would sell these very masks, long before Spirit Halloween was even a thought. Though I had seen catalogs from many of these companies, the first masks I bought were from Be Something Studios, now known as Zagone Studios.

Original catalog image of Shrunken Skull.

Though I bought my first two masks in 1985, in 1986 I really started building a collection. I instantly fell in love with so many of the designs of Be Something Studios and started to add to my collection of masks, starting with the Shrunken Skull.

I am not sure exactly when this mask started production but I know it sold during the 80s and 90s. Like the Shrunken Head, this mask quickly became a favorite of mine. I have always been a fan of skull masks and this one was actually the first skull mask I ever bought. I love the mean look of it and the sculpt is phenomenal.

The paint job, though simple, is very effective. I have seen them painted in black and white as well as a bone-brown and white, and both types look great. As with the Shrunken Head mask, this mask is a latex front with fake fur for the back of the head. It is black and the original copies also featured two lengths of additional hair that came out on both sides of the mask. These ponytail like additions were made of a more coarse type of fake hair.

This mask is very comfortable to wear with great vision holes along the top of the eye sockets and the breathing hole is inconspicuously placed under the lower jaw. Because of the fabric fur this masks is also a lot cooler to wear.

Another nice touch is the piece of broken bone on the top of the head. Overall this is a great piece that I will always cherish, not only for its great design but for all of the memories I have had with it since I got my first one in 1986.

Though considered a rarity, copies still show up from time-to-time in old stock found in costume shops and on places like eBay. I feel that this is such a classic that it deserves to be in every collection. If you’re looking for one, good luck! One will eventually show up.

I have reviewed many of Zagone Studios masks on here and even did a retrospective of the business, seen HERE. Make sure to check out my other entries in my MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS series.

~David Albaugh

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