MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS (SPECIAL EDITION): Unleashed Wickedness (Limited Edition) by Zagone Studios

Just recently I reviewed yet another of my favorite masks, Unleashed Wickedness, by Zagone Studios, seen HERE. At the time I was not aware that they were releasing a limited edition of this mask, with only four copies being produced. Having the ultimate edition of this mask was something I knew I had to have and I must say, it definitely is the the best I have seen.

In my opinion, this mask has always been a work of art, both in design and the chosen paint scheme. The sculpt is phenomenal and it’s one of those masks you just cannot stop looking at. No detail is not tackled, from the bones, veins and musculature. In this edition, they pop even more.

The Collector’s Edition, personally painted by Anthony Zagone, is perfect in every way. Though all of Zagone’s masks are painted incredibly, this one definitely stands out. The exposed veins and musculature are painted with a lot of attention to detail and they have a nice, wet appearance. Don’t get me wrong, the regular edition stands out as well but when the two are compared, you know you have something special.

When you look at this mask from the side you truly appreciate the difficulty with making this mask. First off, the mouth is very deep, featuring eighteen teeth that are part of the sculpt, and not glued in individually later. As anyone that has dabbled in mask-making know, pulling something like this out of the mold intact and no easy feat. Zagone Studios has mastered this technique, as many of their creations feature difficult undercuts and depth unseen in most masks.

Unbelievable detail in this mask!

I love the fact that Zagone is re-releasing so many of their classics in deluxe versions. This allows someone like me, who had so many of these masks back in the day, revisit a time long gone, bringing back such positive memories. The fact that Anthony Zagone is hand-painting this just adds to the sentimental value of these pieces for me.

I also want to add that dealing with Zagone Studios and their staff is absolutely great. They are so friendly and attentive to your needs. I have only found this level of customer service in perhaps one or two other mask companies. This kind of company is the kind that I want to buy from, more than any other. Though I have no problems whatsoever buying from them online, knowing full well that I will never be disappointed, I would love to see them show up in some Halloween stores as well, expanding their much-deserved business.

I have reviewed many of Zagone Studios masks on here and even did a retrospective of the business, seen HERE. Make sure to check out my other entries in my MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS series.

~David Albaugh

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