THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: The Conjuring’s Annabelle Doll by Trick Or Treat Studios

I have always been a fan of the supernatural, whether it is in the form of movies, books or in real life. I have also been a fan of the cases of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigated the case of the haunted doll Annabelle, which in real life was a Raggedy Ann doll.

The original Annabelle doll with actor Patrick Wilson.

The world at large became aware of this case in the 2013 film THE CONJURING. Though the story of Annabelle had nothing to do with the actual story of the haunted house in Rhode Island, it was shown in the movie to set up a future film release. As is the norm with horror movies, even if based on a real case, liberties are taken to enhance the terror of the story. Though I am sure a haunted Raggedy Ann doll would be terrifying, the producers of the film went the extra mile to create something genuinely scary.

Though the acting in the 2014 film ANNABELLE could’ve been better, there were some very scary scenes. Annabelle starts out as a normal looking doll and to the credit of the producers, subtlety transfers into the doll we know and love. It is this version that the company TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS so lovingly re-created.

I have done business with TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS since they opened and have never been disappointed by anything they produce but up until recently only had masks made by them. In October of 2020 I got to actually see the Annabelle prop in person at COUNT ORLOK’S NIGHTMARE GALLERY in Salem, Massachusetts and was completely blown away.

Website photo of Annabelle by Trick Or Treat Studios.

This amazing prop was sculpted by Mark Anthony, the absolute King of replica movie props and owner of The Scary Closet. Every detail of the screen used Annabelle Doll is represented in this prop. The head, hands and shoulders are made in injection vinyl for ultimate durability and accuracy. The body of the doll is made in polyurethane flexible foam with an ultra strong wire frame so that you can pose your doll anyway you want. The eyes, feet and all the connectors are made in ABS thermoplastic polymer the ultimate in durability. The doll comes fully clothed and Annabelle is holding her Miss Me parchment paper in her right hand. Annabelle stands 40″ tall and comes in beautiful full color Collectors Window Box that replicates the wooden display case she is put in at the end of the film.

Annabelle watching me as I watch ANNABELLE.

I am completely blown away by the accuracy and quality of this item. Everything about it makes it look like the actual movie prop and no details were overlooked. The eyes are beautifully painted and the details on the face are very close to the original prop. The fact that she can be posed has allowed us to put her in all kinds of situations around the house, some of which can be creepy or funny.

She was purchased as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and it was hidden up until after she went to bed on Christmas Eve. I set her display box up to look like she broke out of the box with a trail of wrapping paper leading to the steps that lead to the second story of our house. Though my girlfriend knew that I had a special gift for her, she had no idea what it was. On Christmas morning I went into the living room and then found her to say “It got out.” She thought I had bought a pet that had escaped its crate.

When she found her at the top of the stairs she was thrilled as the Annabelle doll has always been a favorite character of hers. Though it may seem expensive to buy, I can assure you that this prop is well worth the money. Whether you keep her in the very cool display box or set her up around your house, you will not be disappointed!

If you would like to order your own Annabelle doll, just go to TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS. If you would like to buy the movies THE CONJURING or ANNABELLE, just click on the images below. Don’t forget to check out the other entries in my BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN series.

~David Albaugh

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