MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Aquatic Creature by Ghoulish Productions

Growing up, the Creature from the Black Lagoon was always one of my favorite movie monsters. Not only were the films well produced, but the Creature costume was one of the best monster creations ever put on screen. So much thought went into the design and execution, making it even more believable. Over the years I have been very partial to monsters that come out of the water to attack humans; the idea of something dangerous living where we can’t see them has always been terrifying to me.

For this MONSTROUS MASK REVIEW, I am discussing the Aquatic Creature by Ghoulish Productions. I was not able to find much information on this mask and as of this writing, it is unavailable on the Ghoulish Productions website (though it is available on Amazon for some reason).

As is the norm for most releases by Ghoulish Productions, this is a very detailed and original sculpture. From the scales, to the gills, to the area under the chin, no detail was overlooked. The addition of sharp teeth makes it all the more scary. The look of this mask would fit right in to any b-grade monster movie from the 1980s.

I am not always a fan of how Ghoulish Productions sculpt the mouths on their masks as there is rarely any depth. This is also the case here but thanks to a tongue and the sharp teeth, it helps mask the fact that there is no depth whatsoever. In subtle lighting this area will look all the more believable.

Also beautiful is the paint job on this mask. The green coloring is perfect and is a nice contrast to the dark creases in the skin. The scales have a nice metallic sheen, giving the impression of real fish scales and the gills and fin on the top of the head, painted in a different shade, contrast nicely as well. One of my favorite things about masks by Ghoulish Productions is how they paint the eyes. Some companies just paint an iris with a pupal. These guys always go much further, which always adds life to the character.

I cannot recommend this mask enough. It is relatively inexpensive, especially for what you get. I do wish though that Ghoulish Productions would not discontinue masks so quickly as they seem to come and go within a year or so. They are a great company with so much to offer and you will not be disappointed by anything you get from them.

To order your own copy, just click on the image below! Make sure to check out my other entries in my MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS series.

~David Albaugh

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