Welcome back to another edition of THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN. I am back visiting Home Depot with their Home Accents Halloween line. This time I want to discuss the 7 foot Animated LED Inferno Reaper. This is another new figure for the 2021 season and once again, it did not disappoint.

First off, one of the things I really like about the Home Accents Halloween animatronics are their being so oversized. Most offerings from Spirit range in the five to six foot range. It seems that most of the characters from Home Accents exceed six feet in height. The next thing, thanks to wire armatures underneath the costumes, these characters show real bulk. They come across much more proportionate than similar characters sold by other companies.

I found the Inferno Reaper to be very easy to put together. It took about thirty minutes overall, which isn’t bad at all. At seven feet tall, this character is intimidating to say the least. I am usually not a fan of lit eyes in animatronics but it definitely works here, a nice compliment to the inferno chest. There are three LEDs in each eye and they are very bright and effective.

One of my favorite parts of the Inferno Reaper is the skull. It is beautifully sculpted and looks more like a real skull than most of the five foot skeletons available on the market. The movements of the Reaper are the highlight of this character. Not only does the mouth move to the three sayings, the head also moves back and forth and pivots on the neck, adding so much to the realism. This movement is such a nice touch!

The costume is also very nicely put together, putting the final touches on an amazing character. This is well worth the money, especially for what it does. The speaker is also of a nice quality. The sayings come out loud and clear. This also comes in with a cord to plug it in, a nice addition as I am not a fan of animatronics that are only powered by batteries. As with all of these animatronics, care should be used in setting them up and breaking them down, to assures many years of use. You will not be disappointed.

~David Albaugh

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