THE BASEMENT’S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: 6 ft. Animated Haunting Ghost Bride by Home Accents

When it comes to people loving Halloween, our season starts mid to late July. Sure it is three months early but there are a lot of preparations to be made, oftentimes more than putting up Christmas decorations. July is also the month that many stores start putting out their Halloween offerings and if you don’t start shopping early, you could miss out. This was certainly the case this season with Home Depot’s extensive offering of Halloween animatronics.

In the past few years, Home Depot has really been stepping up with their Halloween props, oftentimes going well beyond what Spirit offers, both in size and quality. The best of their releases are from their Home Accents line and 2021 introduced more new characters than in previous years. They also brought back some classics as well.

The 6 Ft. Animated Haunting Ghost Bride, I believe, has been re-designed for the 2021 season. Set the scene for a maudlin marriage with this Rising Ghost Bride animatronic figure. Rising from her grave, this wicked wife-to-be keeps searching for her betrothed among your party guests or trick-or-treaters. Motion and sound combine to create a lifelike experience that will haunt everyone who meets her. Place this Rising Ghost Bride animatronic figure in your front hall, in a window or on your porch year after year to terrify unsuspecting visitors to your home.

This figure is one of the creepiest animatronics I have seen yet. It’s movement is very slow and very effective as it moves side-to-side and up and down, giving the impression of floating. Though you can add an exterior speaker, I find the one that is built in to me more than effective. I also like that this item can be plugged in using an adaptor instead of using batteries. There is also a place to plug in a foot pad. Home Accents has really improved by offering these options.

Home Accents recommends this figure either being used indoors or covered outdoors. If used outdoors, I would highly recommend securing it really well wherever it is going to be displayed. I can see high winds playing havoc with it. One thing I do recommend with all of these animatronics is the baby them, especially when putting them together and taking them apart. I always try to look over the various parts, especially those made of plastic, to see areas that might be more apt to break if handled roughly.

If cared for properly, you should be able to enjoy the Animated Haunting Ghost Bride for many years to come! You cannot beat the price or quality. I highly recommend this item to scare your neighbors.

~David Albaugh

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